Kelly Clarkson Performs Powerful 'Kellyoke' Tribute For Frontline Workers

by Gina Vaynshteyn
Kelly Clarkson Performs Powerful Tribute To Frontline Workers
The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Clarkson has blessed the internet with a cover of Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” to honor healthcare employees risking their lives to help battle COVID-19

Kelly Clarkson may be self-isolating on her Montana ranch far, far away from human civilization, but that doesn’t mean she’s not reaching millions of fans remotely on a regular basis. Since early April, Clarkson has been remotely filming one episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show a week, as well as uploading bonus segments like “Bathroom Kellyoke” and “Messages from Montana.” Clarkson is definitely staying productive, and for that we’re grateful, because the pop star’s virtual presence is exactly what we need to stay sane these days.

On Monday (May 18), Clarkson shared an extra special edition of “Bathroom Kellyoke” — one that will most likely make you happy-cry, so grab some tissues. In the clip, the singer performs a cover of Lauren Daigle’s 2018 track “You Say” as a dedication to all the healthcare employees who have sacrificed so much to help battle the COVID-19 crisis. The video shows Clarkson singing in her Montana home, and it also shows clips of nurses, doctors, EMTs, and other brave healthcare workers, some of whom join her in the song. “You’re crying, I’m fine. Song is so good. Get it, Lauren Daigle,” Clarkson says at the end of the clip.

This isn’t the first time Clarkson has shown support for those on the front lines and advocated for safe practices during the pandemic crisis. Today she also posted another Kellyoke clip: “We Are Family,” originally by Sister Sledge. This video is dedicated to all the essential workers like grocery store employees and delivery drivers.

“As our country makes progress getting this pandemic under control, everyone from delivery drivers to grocery store workers continue to carry huge burdens. Understandably, essential workers are stressed out. So, for toady’s Kellyoke, I wanted to help them cut loose a bit. Here are some of the heroes of America joining me and ‘We Are Family’ by Sister Sledge,” Clarkson says before she starts singing.

About a year ago (aka March 27, 2020), Clarkson also posted a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Vanishing,” and at the end told her fans, “Please keep social distancing a thing. You know all of our people, the doctors in the medical field, the nurses, I know a lot of them. They are putting their lives on the line to make sure everybody is healthy. So please do them the respect of just keeping a distance from everybody.”

“We’re gonna get through it. This is just a really crappy time,” Clarkson said, with a voice like a much-needed hug.

Aside from giving us feel-good home videos, Clarkson is donating 25 percent of the profits of from her new Wayfair home collection to COVID-19 relief efforts. In a video, she explained that she was initially going to postpone the launch, but then figured the new products might make people happier — and her collection is also budget-friendly, which helps, since many of us aren’t exactly prioritizing shopping right now. “We kind of thought, well, we’re all stuck in our home, so like, what better time to maybe look at your house and go, ‘What could make me happier in this moment?” She added, “I know some of us are ballin’ on a budget, so it’s very affordable, but also really, really cute stuff.”

We love you, Kelly Clarkson! Thank you for being the beaming light of positivity we all need right now.