KFC Is Now Selling A Donut And Fried Chicken Sandwich

by Madison Vanderberg

KFC’s new “Fried Chicken and Donut” sandwich is two donuts and a chicken strip and it might be the perfect pregnancy food

Following in the footsteps of iconic savory and sweet flavor combinations like chicken and waffles, Kentucky Fried Chicken is rolling out a donut and fried chicken sandwich because we don’t need functioning arteries, right? The KFC “sandwich” is actually just a piece of fried chicken and two donuts and the only scenario in which we can envision someone wanting two donuts and a chicken strip together is a woman in the throes of pregnancy cravings.

The sandwich is $5.99 but KFC is also offering a “chicken and donut basket” which is exactly what it sounds like, a basket of chicken on the bone or chicken tenders and one donut. The basket will set you back $5.49, but if you want two donuts, it’s $7.49. We guess that option makes the most sense because it’s like chicken for dinner and donut for dessert? We guess?

The new menu items are only available now in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, and Pittsburgh areas and if the test goes well, they’ll likely expand to other parts of the country. Despite its limited release, fast food enthusiasts have already gotten their hands on the sticky chicken sandwich and the reviews are all over the place.

The above reviewer simply said it was “SOOOO good,” while another reviewer said it was “gross.”

Someone on Twitter shared a photo of the “chicken and donut basket” and it is quite literally chicken with a side of donuts in a takeout box. The Twitter user said that it “didn’t disappoint.”

Some sandwiches look pretty substantial, while other photos show a tiny chicken strip dwarfed by two oversized donuts.

Other YouTube foodies are making their own “Chicken and Donut Sandwiches” by buying chicken strips from KFC and pairing them with their favorite donuts at say, a Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme because the KFC version is literally just that, there’s no “special sauce” or secret ingredient.

It’s interesting that KFC launched this new menu item just a few weeks after announcing they would serve vegan chicken in some of their stores. Like so many other fast-food restaurants in recent years, KFC has partnered with Beyond Meat to create a plant-based “chicken” nugget.

It seems as if KFC is just throwing fried chicken at the wall and seeing what sticks. You want a healthier plant-based option? Got it! Oh, just kidding, you’d prefer two donuts with every piece of chicken? We can do that too!