A Pickle-Fried Chicken Sandwich Exists Now And We're Not Mad

by Julie Scagell
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Image via KFC

Mark you calendars for June 25 to get your hands on this pickle goodness

Pickle lovers rejoice: the good folks at KFC just dropped a Pickle-Fried Chicken sandwich that will have your taste buds screaming for more.

On June 20, KFC tweeted about a “mystery flavor,” along with a video that’s about as subtle as my mother. “I’ve got a new flavor coming, and you’re never going to guess what it is, unless you happen to see this GIF, which pretty much gives it away,” the fast food giant wrote. That’s right, you guessed it — pickles.

If you’re a pickle lover, you’ve obviously tried the pickle-flavored chips, soda, and popcorn and thought to yourself, “No NO I still need more pickles in my life.” Then, you tried the pickle mozzarella sticks, pickle juice slushes, and maybe even the pickle-flavored candy cane trends (ok, settle down sparky). So, the KFC Pickle-Fried Chicken makes sense as the next step to pickle nirvana.

Image via Facebook/KFC

According to KFC, they’ve taken their famous Extra Crispy Chicken and “coated it in pickle sauce,” which in addition to dill and vinegar, also “features onion and garlic notes, buttermilk and a white and black pepper blend — a combination that is sure to satisfy even the ultimate foodie’s palate,” KFC said. And the chicken is of course topped with pickles, because duh.

The inspiration for this sandwich from heaven came from people’s requests for more pickles on their Crispy Colonel Sandwiches, KFC said. The pickle chicken comes in tender form or shoved in between a bun.

“People are crazy about pickles, and pickle-flavored products are becoming today’s trendiest menu item,” said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. CMO, in a press release. “Pickles and fried chicken are a match made in heaven, with tastemakers everywhere pairing these flavors. Our guests have been clamoring for more pickles – especially since we launched the Crispy Colonel Sandwich™ — so we’re giving them what they want by coating our Extra Crispy™ Chicken with a mouthwatering pickle sauce that delivers a craveable punch of pickle in every bite!”

KFC is only serving pickle-fried chicken for a very limited time this summer, starting on June 25 and lasting until supplies run out.

But have no fear; the Pickle Fried Chicken sandwich comes on the heels of KFC’s other recent flavors, the now-adored Nashville Hot Chicken, the Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken, and Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken, all of which had test runs before landing themselves as permanent menu items.

Image via KFC

The people have spoken: Pickles for everyone.

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