Khloé Kardashian And Daughter True Test Positive For COVID-19

by Erica Gerald Mason

Khloé Kardashian previously tested positive for COVID-19 back in March 2020

Khloé Kardashian and her 3-year-old daughter True have tested positive for COVID-19, the Good American co-founder said on Friday.

Kardashian tweeted, “Hi guys I wanted to let you know True and I tested positive for Covid. I’ve had to cancel several commitments and I’m sorry I won’t be able to make those happen. Luckily I have been vaccinated so all will be ok.”

“We will be over here in quarantine and following current guidelines,” she wrote before, writing in another post, “Be safe everyone.”

Kardashian also tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2020, with the diagnosis and the family’s reaction taped as part of their Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality series.

“It was so incredibly scary,” Kardashian told host Ellen DeGeneres last October about her bout with the coronavirus. “I mean, it still is scary, but especially then when the whole world was shutting down and we didn’t have really any information or the information we had changed every single day.”

“I was really, really sick,” Kardashian explained at the time. “I felt really quickly on that I was getting sick with something […]. My whole family got tested and they came back and my results were positive. We were really alarmed but everyone else tested negative, so thank goodness.”

“I just was quarantined in my room for like 16 days. We had to wait until I had negative test results for me to leave, and that was the hardest part,” the mom of one recalled. “I mean, I don’t care how beautiful of a place you have, being taken away from your child for that long, because I couldn’t be around my daughter, that was the most heart-wrenching thing.”

In last year’s interview, DeGeneres asked how the Kardashian crew kept her diagnosis a secret.

“It wasn’t as if i kept it [a secret],” Kardasian explained. “The people around me knew I had it. It’s just at the time i think information [surrounding Covid] was so limited and scary. I wanted to make sure I was not scaring people […] and [I was] providing them with the right information. So I made sure my platform [let] people [know to take] it seriously and wear masks and do their part.”

Kardashian clarified that she has been vaccinated against COVID-19, meaning she contracted a breakthrough case.