Khloe Kardashian TP'd Her Sister's House During A Pandemic And People Are Pissed

by Valerie Williams
Khloe TP'd Kourtney's House During A Pandemic And People Are Pissed
Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram and Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty

The internet is upset with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian for a toilet paper-related prank during a worldwide pandemic

It’s been several weeks of grocery stores having bare toilet paper shelves and folks have grown weary. After all, in this modern world. it shouldn’t be difficult to wipe our butts, and yet, here we are. As pandemic-related hoarding set in and people grabbed up all the two-ply they could get their grubby hands on, others found themselves struggling to find even a 6-pack of one-ply as a result of their neighbors’ buying behavior. That’s why a toilet paper-wasting prank that one Kardashian pulled on another isn’t sitting well with fans.

On Saturday, Kourtney Kardashian took to her Instagram stories to share what sister Khloe had done to her property. “So I haven’t had this much excitement in months,” Kourtney said. “This is what I come out to. This is what Mason and Koko do when they have a sleepover. This is actually genius.”

Kris even joined in sharing video she took while driving by Kourtney’s house and seeing the mess. Kourtney shared that video to her stories too with, “We will seek revenge @khloekardashian” written across it. Which I guess we’re left to assume means the K clan has even more precious TP to burn as Kourtney returns fire. Sigh.

It’s all just up there. Flapping in the breeze. Never to wipe a single booty.

So let’s unpack this real quick before turning to reactions. Either Kourtney and Khloe truly don’t know that most Americans have struggled hard in recent months to locate toilet paper, or they do know and just… kinda don’t care? Either way, it’s easy to see why people are having feelings about this somewhat tone-deaf “prank.”

So it took me a good three weeks of pandemic-panic-fueled grocery shopping trips before I finally landed on toilet paper, and even then it was only one-ply and only six rolls. In my household of four people who are now home all day, that’s not going to last long. Seeing people tossing it into trees without a care in the world definitely stings a bit as I remember locating that first pack with my face mask on, surrounded by other similarly panicky, anxious customers. Celebs, as it turns out, aren’t exactly “just like us.”

While I doubt the Kardashian ladies mean any ill with their pranks, the fact is, we are living in a different time right now. A time where the gap between the rich and the not-rich is more evident than ever. Probably not the best time to flaunt the fact that you have enough toilet paper to cover part of a very large yard. Hopefully, they noticed the reactions and will call a TP truce — at least until we can all get our hands on the goods a little more easily.