6-Year-Old's Brutally Honest Drawings Of Mom Remind Us All That Kids Have No Filter

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This kid’s honest drawing of mom for a school assignment is all of us

If you ever want to know the ugly truth about yourself, just ask a kid. They’ll completely destroy you and everything you believe about yourself in 30 seconds flat, and they’re so adorably innocent they won’t even realize what they’ve just done. Other adults know it, though, and we think it’s freaking hilarious, and that’s why this utterly perfect “before and after” drawing of a six-year-old’s mom is going viral.

An Imgur user recently shared the LOL-worthy results of a child’s homework assignment. In it, kids are asked to draw a picture of their mom when she first wakes up in the morning, and then another of their mom when she’s getting ready to go out. What this kid came up with is truly a Jekyll and Hyde situation, and unfortunately, every mom in the world can relate:

Notice how mom transforms from an actual alien at 5 a.m. into one of the Kardashian’s long lost cousins by nightfall. She tames her mohawk, develops pupils, grows a nose, sprouts a thigh gap, and takes that black eye shadow all the way up, right to her hairline. After all, why go for the smokey eye when you can have an entire smokey forehead?

Also of note is how the mom transforms from black and white into a technicolor dream world. It’s like the Wizard Of Oz. A tornado of cosmetics and hair products blows through and whisks Mommy away to a magical land where she doesn’t have a mustache and she isn’t horrified just to be awake. She’s actually downright sassy. She’s got her hands on her hips, and not only because they’re apparently gargantuan blobs, as shown in the “morning” photo.

You might be asking yourself why this was a school assignment, and I’ll be honest with you: I have no idea. It looks like possibly it was a book kids were making about their moms and these just happened to be two of the pages. Or maybe the teacher knew this would happen and she’s an evil genius with a stockpile of hilarious kid drawings. Either way, you can always count on your children to “keep it real” about the most humiliating parts of your existence.

[shareable_quote]Inside each and every one of us is a mohawked, nose-less monster, and thanks to our kids, we’ll never forget it.[/shareable_quote]

Yesterday my four-year-old asked me if I’m having another baby, and she was completely serious. There was no lead-in. Just a casual, “Mommy, are you having a baby? Your tummy looks like you’re pregnant again.”

And even that’s not as bad as the abuse my poor, bald husband gets. Our two kiddos remind him of his hairlessness on the daily. In fact, my daughter has even taken to “surprising” him by giving him hair in her drawings, and she acts like it is the most charitable of acts. “Daddy will be so excited to finally see what hair is like,” she whispers excitedly as she swirls brown Crayola tendrils from the lopsided circle that is her father’s head.

To put it simply, kids are assholes. But somehow in their innocence and asshole-ness, they also remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, and that in itself is a gift. We mostly see each other as the photo on the right, but inside each and every one of us is a mohawked, nose-less monster, and thanks to our kids, we’ll never ever forget it.

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