Toddler Terrifies Mom By Talking To 'Georgie' In Bathroom Drain, Hilarity Ensues

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Twitter/@borntobriwild

If you’ve ever seen the movie IT, this story will haunt your dreams

If you’ve not seen either the 1990 or 2017 versions of the horror movie, IT, here’s a quick recap. Georgie is a little boy who gets dragged into a sewer after a shape-shifting killer clown named Pennywise rips his arm off then eventually murders him in cold blood. I was told a whole bunch of other stuff happens after that but I refused to open my eyes for the remainder of the movie.

Now, imagine your surprise if your little kid walked by a drain and casually said, “Hi Georgie.”

Twitter user @BorntoBriWild shared such a tale on her Twitter page. Lucky for us, it was a simple case of mistaken identity. “My three-year-old just made me crap my pants when she looked down our bathroom sink and goes “Hi Georgie.”

I’m sure it was funny after she got her pulse back under 300bpm but I’m here to tell you I would have run Forest Gump-style from that house without looking back for my kid and felt absolutely zero fucking remorse.

When someone on Twitter commented in kind that they’d have burnt their house down if this would’ve happened to them, Bri responded:

Obviously her kid’s way too young to have seen the movie which makes the entire encounter that much more terrifying and hilarious. Just knowing the sequel to IT is likely in the making keeps me up at night, I can’t imagine thinking Pennywise sought my family out and was taking up residence in the master bathroom. Hell to the no.

She also tweeted a photo of her kids who are completely adorable, so she’s probably forgiven them for scaring the bejesus out of her.

“This is the offender and her little brother who are the lights of my life but also the reasons I’m up at 2am,” she wrote.

Of course we can always count on the good people of Twitter to be here for hilarious reactions:

Unfortunately for Bri, it looks like little Georgie is staying put for a while. At least next time her kid greets him, she’ll have her guard up:

How about we just leave killer clowns for the movies and in our nightmares, where they should be.

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