7 Ways To Coax Your Kid Into Enjoying Bath Time

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Getting little kids in and out of the bath seems like it should be an easy proposition, right? But your kids may beg to differ. Whether you’ve got to coax your kiddo into the water or you’ve got a pruny-fingered mermaid-wannabe who never wants to get out, we’ve got tips to make it a little easier.

  1. DIY Bath Crayons

There’s something so fun about drawing on stuff you’re not supposed to draw on. Kids love bath crayons and the more colorful the better. The problem is that the list of ingredients can be…a little scary. The answer? Make your own. Your kids will have a blast making these and you’ll love knowing exactly what’s in them.

2. A Bath Visor

There aren’t many kids who love getting water poured over their heads. And when the water has a little shampoo in it, watch out. If your child is especially averse to the whole shampooing thing, get hair washing out of the way at the very beginning of the bath. That way the rest of the time can be play time. Another idea is to get an inexpensive but super effective bath visor. In a pinch, grab a sports bottle to swish away lather before it gets in your little one’s eyes.

  1. A Great Body Wash

Let’s be honest: it’s a bit of a hassle to buy a different body wash for every member of the family. It’s best to get one that works and gets everybody clean from head to toe, while also leaving their skin soft and hydrated. Oh, and preferably with a list of ingredients that doesn’t require a chemistry degree to read! Ivory Moisturizing Body Wash is perfect for the whole family. It’s a gentle body wash designed for sensitive skin, free of dyes, parabens and phthalates. You know, Ivory has been doing this for 140 years. They’ve really got it down.

  1. A Tub Time Playlist

If your little one is dragging his feet about getting in the water, make it a sing-a-along. A bath time playlist is a great way to get reluctant kids into the bath. This is a great one but if your little one has some favorite songs, create your own with all his bath time hits. Before you know it, he’ll begin to associate bath time with relaxing and having fun.

  1. A Cozy Robe and PJs

Who doesn’t love a cozy robe? Or a fresh pair of pajamas? (Honestly, having a freshly clean pair of pajamas delivered every night should be a bigger part of grownup life but we’re just not there yet.) If your particular bath time stumbling block is not getting your child in the water but getting them out, after-bath incentives can really work. Set up a little grooming station with a fun toothbrush, a comb, maybe even a special mirror. Make the grooming ritual the natural transition between bath and bedtime snuggles.

  1. Toys and Games

Although there are some wonderful bath toys out there, you might be surprised how many common household objects can be made into fabulously fun (and free!) bath time entertainment. Plastic containers and cups can provide hours – ok, minutes – of fun as kids fill them up and pour them out. A pasta strainer is another one that seems to mesmerize little ones. They can watch the water come through the tiny holes over and over. Even pool noodles cut into 6-inch sections can be enough incentive for even the most reluctant bathers to take a dip.

  1. A Sweet Storytime

For most of us, bath time comes right before bedtime. Getting kids to slow down and begin to unwind from the day is job number two, right behind getting them clean. So instead of reading a bedtime story, why not a bath time story? Some kids really enjoy being read to while in the tub. You can even dim the lights a bit to set the mood and give your kiddo a clear message: the day is coming to a close.

The end of the day can be a hectic time. Trust us: we know some days it feels like the only options are chaos or controlled chaos. So one of the best ways to make bath time more fun is to relax. Do your best to leave behind the stress of tying up all the day’s loose ends before starting nightly routines like bath time. Set yourself up for success with the right tools and you might find that your little one’s bath time is the best part of your day.

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