Kids Nap in the Darndest Places

by Alicia Steffann
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Although I started out as a new mom by doing my darnedest to get my toddler to sleep in his bed on a regular schedule, I had to let that go when my second child came along. The struggle that ensued each day at naptime was so draining and created so much tension between us that I decided to let my two-year-old crash wherever he could. As it turned out, that was just about anywhere.

Now, as an enthusiastic member of what I call the “organic napping” movement, I have two boys who choose their spots, nap heartily, and awake refreshed. So what if there’s drool on my couch cushion or a little schmutz on their cheeks? A rested child is a happy child and mommy is happy, too.

It turns out that kids all over the place are capable of a righteous choose the snooze…

For example, what’s not enticing about the warm boards of the deck on an early summer’s day? It’s, you, know, like that sauna you pay so much for at the gym. I call this picture “Ding Dong, the Deck’s a Bed.”

Sometimes, you just need a few winks after finishing a meal. Um, or practicing your harmonica.

If your child is really active in athletics, she may need to take a breather once in a while in order to stay on the ball.

Or on the skateboard.

Sometimes acrobatics happen during sleep. Hey, who am I to judge?

Gardening and fresh air are also known to be excellent for the constitution, and very conducive to getting your booty sleep.

We all know that shopping can really sap your energy. It’s crucial to take a break. Why wait until you get home? Or even in the car?

Kids Nap in the Darndest Places

Of course, there are softer places to land. Just make sure you choose the right end of the pillow for your cat nap.

Or just steal that pillow straight from your dog.

When in doubt, though, if the world just gets to be too much, there’s nothing wrong with going undercover(s) and curling up with some privacy.

When it comes to naps, there are no rules necessary. Naps happen. Don’t lose sleep over it.

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