Four Underage Kids Steal Their Parent's Car For 600-Mile Road Trip

by Madison Vanderberg
EyeEm/Getty Images

Four kids under the age of 14 went on a 600-mile road trip with a stolen car

Four Australian kids between the ages of 10 and 14 stole their family car and set off on a 600-mile road trip down the Australian coast. We repeat, four literal kids (a 14-year-old boy, two 13-year-old boys, and a 10-year-old girl) somehow knew how to drive a car (?) and went on a 600-mile road trip before officials found them parked along a highway in New South Wales, Australia.

“It’s a pretty big journey. It’s a long way for a person to do it, but I suppose a couple cans of Red Bull and you’re likely to do anything,” inspector Darren Williams told CNN affiliate Nine News.

It’s unclear when the kids left their house, but they set off in their parents’ Nissan Patrol SUV with some fishing poles and left mom and dad a goodbye note. The drive from Rockhampton, Queensland to Grafton, New South Wales, takes about 10 hours to complete, and the kids were found around 10:40 p.m. on Sunday evening, July 14, 2019.

“It’s a long way, in excess of 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from Rockhampton down to Grafton. I couldn’t imagine one person actually driving all that way in two days,” Williams added.

The cops literally told reporters they weren’t sure how the kids managed that long of a drive on their own, but assumed they just “shared the task.” LOL, okay? Relatedly, the legal driving age in Queensland, Australia is 17-years-old.

The cops finally found the kids after pinging their cell phone, but when they showed up, the kids wouldn’t get out of the car. The kids reportedly did a few “drive-offs at petrol stations” and knew they were fugitives, which is not super great. The cop that found them had to break the window of the car with his baton, and then the kids cooperated.

Luckily nobody was hurt, but the kids were taken into custody, presumably for the stolen vehicle and stolen gas, and can now face charges for their actions.

We know that kids threaten to “run away” all the time, or they see The Goonies and think “Hey, I can do that!” but they usually get to the end of the block — we can’t even wrap our heads around four children driving a car 600 entire miles. Strangely, kids stealing cars tend to happen like, a lot.

Last year an 11-year-old Ohio boy stole his mom’s car after she took his PlayStation away. He took cops on a high-speed chase which ended when he crashed into a parked car — the boy was treated at the hospital for minor injuries. In lighter news, another 8-year-old Ohio boy stole his dad’s car in 2017 to drive to McDonald’s. He reportedly obeyed all traffic laws and said he learned how to drive from watching YouTube videos.

Kids these days, man.