Kids' Unintentionally Rude Christmas Drawings Will Crack You Up

Kids’ Unintentionally Rude Christmas Drawings Will Crack You Up


People who celebrate Christmas often share similar traditions — making gingerbread houses, decorating trees, baking cookies, and watching classic holiday movies. But there’s one tradition we share that’s seldom mentioned in holiday lore: festive kids’ drawings that are full of penises.

A U.K. mom named Elletia Thomas recently took to a Facebook page called The Unmumsy Mum to share a hilarious picture her eight-year-old son drew. In it, Santa is distributing presents beneath a gorgeous Christmas tree. The only problem is it looks like he’s holding on to an entirely different kind of package.


In the comments beneath the picture, Thomas says her son clarified that Santa is actually holding his sack, to which I can only say yes. Yes, he is holding his sack, indeed.

Thomas tells Buzzfeed she shared the photo in the hopes that it would give other parents a laugh. Instead, she inadvertently stumbled on a trend that would land all of us on the naughty list: our kids just can’t stop accidentally drawing penises on everything. Thomas’ post has been liked over 15,000 times, and hundreds of people are sharing their own kids’ twisted Christmas pictures.

For example, this Santa with a magnificently large, um, stocking?

Image via Facebook

Or, this elf who just can’t contain his Christmas spirit.

Image via Facebook

Here’s a festive hat that makes a bold statement.

Image via Facebook

Or, there’s this Rudolph whose nose is suddenly the least shocking thing about him.

Image via Facebook

If the jingle-jangles aren’t your style, here are two deer about to mate in front of Satan.

Image via Facebook

And, of course, we can’t leave out the classic melted-snowman-cookie-turned-novelty-penis-dessert.

Image via Facebook

Easy there, Frosty. That’s one cookie you might not want to leave hanging out for Santa.

Since Thomas started this online revolution, she’s purchased a mug featuring her son’s magnificent drawing. Now they can enjoy his creation for years to come — probably until he looks up one day when he’s 13 and notices his mom drinking coffee from a Jolly Old Saint Dick Nick cup.

It just goes to show that nothing helps you experience the joy and happiness of the holiday season quite like seeing it through the eyes of a child. Or, you know, seeing what your child saw, but then being old enough to know that it’s actually slightly pornographic and hilarious. That’s what parenting is all about.