Kim K. Posts Adorable Pic Of North West, Concern Trolls Scold Her About Her Car Seat

by Valerie Williams
Image via Instagram

Sharing a photo of your child in a car seat on any form of social media can almost guarantee at least one comment from someone picking apart how you’ve buckled your kid. Or harping on you for not having them rear-facing until The End of Days. Now, imagine being Kim Kardashian, facing millions of followers daily who have plenty to say about her every parenting move. She posted a photo of North West in a car seat yesterday and the concern trolls are out in droves telling her exactly where she went wrong.

Here is the adorable photo of North and her little friend. Nothing to see here, right? Wrong. Get on it, moms! According to these comments, if you can’t see what’s wrong here, you don’t deserve to have kids.

Here’s a sampling of the “concerned” comments from her post. Some of them honestly seem convinced that Kim will read their sage advice and follow through. Meanwhile, my eyes won’t stop rolling into the back of my head:

It’s be great if they strapped their kids in the right way…

The nhtsa makes recommendations. I suggest you google it. Don’t you be ignorant.

All I can think about is those car seats…. I really hope you were not driving with them buckled in like that.

The fact that people don’t see what’s wrong with that little girl’s car seat straps worries me…

Cute kids but please fix those car seat straps! (As said above)! Even if Kim doesn’t drive fast and there are security cars (as quoted above) an accident can still happen! #safetyfirst

Straps are way too loose and chest clips are not even in the proper position. Sad, Kim. That’s your child’s life.

OMG, has anyone ever taught you a thing or two about car seat safety?

I’m not a mom, but I’m sure the seats should face the other way.

Fix the straps on those babies, come on now.

I noticed the out-of-position chest piece on the baby on the right as well. I’m really happy that so many other mommies out there noticed as well! Hopefully this was just a premature photo and they weren’t finished getting baby safe.

This is but a handful of the several thousand “helpful” comments on this post. While I don’t doubt that some of them are from mothers who are sincerely concerned, I have to wonder — do they really think Kim and Kanye are reading their Instagram comments for parenting advice? Not only that, but is the photo really even that bad? So the chest clip slid down a tad. My kids used to move theirs all the time while I was driving because they didn’t like it too far up. Moving it back every single time was sort of futile, so I will admit that I didn’t always do it. I guess I would be torn apart too if I had the bad sense to share car seat photos with my social media world.

No one is questioning the importance of car seat safety, but the concern trolling toward moms in general is at a fever pitch. With social media allowing parents to share so many details of their family life that would’ve otherwise remained private, the whole world feels they can weigh in with their unsolicited opinions. Sure, a comment might save a life. But more likely, it could lose you a friend. Unless the child is hanging halfway out of their seat, maybe err on the side of not pointing out that the chest clip is half an inch too low. Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it needs a comment. We all hear enough judgment in life. Can we just go a little easier on each other? That goes for Kim Kardashian too.