Kim K Loses It After Finding Out The Featheringtons Were Inspired By Her Sisters

by Kristina Johnson
Netflix and Rodin Eckenroth/Getty

Kim Kardashian fangirls hard over Bridgerton and finds out how she and her sisters inspired the fictional Featheringtons

Lady Whistledown has anointed this season’s incomparable, and it’s none other than Kim Kardashian!

The reality star has documented her love for Bridgerton on Instagram, and at least one cast member took notice. Nicola Coughlin—the actress who plays Penelope Featherington and (SPOILER ALERT) Lady W, by extension— dubbed Kim “the world’s number one Bridgerton Stan” on Twitter, and shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes tidbit. Apparently, Coughlin and the other two actresses who play the Featherington sisters drew inspiration from the Kardashians.

The news traveled faster than scandalous gossip among the ton, and in true fangirl fashion, Kim was alerted to Coughlan’s tweet through her dedicated Bridgerton group chat.

This actually makes total sense. I mean, let’s start with the obvious comparison: Lady Featherington (also known as Portia) went with all “P” names for her daughters: Prudence, Phillipa, and Penelope, just like Kris Jenner did with K’s for her kids. Then, there’s their parenting styles. Lady Featherington’s efforts to get her daughters married off kind of makes her the original momager. I can just hear her on the sidelines of a ball yelling, “Prudence, you’re doing great sweetie!”

Then there’s the, shall we say, unique style the Featherington sisters share. Any time they appear on screen, their dresses are tighter, more colorful, and generally gaudier than anyone else’s. You see where I’m going with this right? And we can’t forget the corsets. In one of the first Featherington scenes from the show, we see Prudence being stuffed into a corset so tight it requires two lady’s maids to get the job done to her mother’s satisfaction. The ability to breathe is a secondary concern, and if you’ve ever seen a Kardashian sister hawking a waist trainer in an Instagram ad, you know they too have mastered the art of compressing all their organs into the tiniest space possible while still somehow managing to live. Apparently, the very same stylist that made Nicola Coughlan’s corset for the show made Kim’s corset for the Met Gala.

Coughlan also answered a fan on Twitter who asked if she saw herself as “Khloe Featherington,” revealing that she’d actually given the question a lot of thought. “The three of us genuinely debate this all the time, I think Prudence and Phillipa are very Kourtney and Khloe cos they’re besties, and Pen is a very successful business woman, also I remember Kim being like a very good detective too so there’s that…”

Coughlan is apparently a longtime fan of Kim, and she’s now bestowed upon her the title “Duchess Kardashian of Calabasas,” a title Kim said she’d wear proudly.

Bridgerton may be decidedly NSFW, but the cute exchange and mutual admiration between these two is so wholesome. If it’s got you jonesing to see the amazing Coughlan back on screen as Penelope, be patient—season two of the show is now filming.