Kim Kardashian Is Getting Mom-Shamed Over North's Hoop Earrings

by Christina Marfice
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Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to being mom-shamed, but this is still a lot

If there’s anything celebrity moms, from Chrissy Tiegen to Pink, are absolutely used to, it’s getting a ton of hate online for every, tiny decision they ever make regarding their kids. Mom-shamers come hard for celebrities, as if they have nothing better to do, like, I don’t know, raise their own kids, since they’re apparently so great at it? Kim Kardashian West experienced this firsthand this weekend when she posted what should have been just a sweet photo of herself and her 6-year-old daughter, North, pinky promising to be best friends forever.

What a sweet moment between a mom and daughter, right? Except that’s not what the trolls saw. Instead of looking at this picture like normal people and seeing an aww-worthy moment, they could only focus on one thing: North’s earrings.

Apparently, the mom-shamers have deemed those earrings unacceptable for a 6-year-old, and Kim will now be relentlessly shamed so she never makes the mistake of adding a cute accessory to her daughter’s outfit again.

The comments starting coming fast and furious about how North’s hoops were apparently not age-appropriate, because apparently that’s a thing that a simple, classic accessory can be now. And as internet trolls are wont to do, people got pretty nasty about the jewelry worn by a little girl.

There were some people who tried to justify their criticism with some thinly veiled “concern” about the state of North’s ear lobes, but come on. You can very clearly see from the photo that those earrings must be super lightweight because they’re not stretching her lobes at all.

There were also people who skipped over the earrings altogether and criticized Kim for taking a cute photo with her kid. As if you’ve never stuck the camera in your kid’s face before to capture some priceless memories, Debra.

And then there’s this real gem of a human, who saw a sweet photo of a mother and her 6-year-old and chose to focus her attention on the 6-year-old’s breasts. This is literally insane, and horrifyingly gross.

It’s kind of the reality of being online in 2019 that posting a photo gets you this kind of attention, especially if you’re famous. People want something to be mad at, and for lack of something better to be outraged about, they will choose a cute photo of a sweet child having a special moment with her loving mother. What’s really ironic about it all is that these people, who think they know so much more than famous moms about correctly parenting, are actually just mean and bitter bullies, something no parent should want their kid to be.

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