Real Housewives Star Wears Bikini In Photo With Adult Daughter, Internet Freaks

by Jerriann Sullivan
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People are freaking out over a photo of Kim Zolciak and her daughter

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak posted a photo of herself with her daughter, and the internet is losing it. Many fans of the reality TV personality left negative comments on the Instagram photo that was shared this week.

The 37-year-old is seen posing with her daughter, Brielle Biermann, and both appear to be wearing strapless bras. “Secret photo shoot today with the best @mrdblanks @briellebiermann,” Zolciak wrote. It is entirely reasonable for a former television star to have professional photos taken. It is also normal that her daughter, who is 19 and a model, would possibly join her for a photo shoot.

Various people were outraged though, and left comments letting the Georgia mom know how they felt. “Love you Kim but why are you posing in a photo shoot with your daughter in bikinis? Real weird,” one person wrote. Another person wrote, “This is a weirdly provocative mother and daughter photo.” So are all photos women take with their kids while wearing bathing suits weird? I’m from South Florida, where half your life is spent in a bathing suit. Guess I should delete all those beach shots.

Since you can only see a small portion of Brielle’s back, it is hard to tell if she is topless or not, which led to even more comments. “Beautiful mother and daughter but looks like your daughter is topless in this picture not appropriate for such beautiful young lady,” one person wrote. And who made you the judge? It’s okay for models and actresses to be naked in pictures all the time – as long as they aren’t with their mom? I’m confused at exactly how one determines the okay topless shots from the shameful ones.

Other people commented just to share general hate of the mother and daughter, who are often told how much they look alike. “Fake nails, fake lips, fake nose, fake boobs. Pathetic,” one comment read. Another person urged the mom to lose all hope in looking good. “Give up Kim. You can’t keep up with your daughters. We will all age,” the person wrote.

Plenty of Instagram users came to Kim and Brielle’s rescue in the comments section as well. One fan wrote, “Great picture of the both of you. I think it is great you and your daughter are having this special moment. Good for you.” Perhaps our favorite was from Meghan, who wrote, “Some of these comments are too comical!!! They’re wearing bikinis?? Together?? GASP!! Get freaking real people. Get a life. Get a fucking clue.”

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