Kimmy Gibbler's Daughter Is 'Selling' Her Mom's Autograph At School And It's Hilarious

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram/Andrea Barber/Getty/Kevin Mazur

It’s almost as if she asked herself, ‘What Would Kimmy Gibbler Do?’

Being the child of a celebrity has its drawbacks, to be sure. But it also has its perks. Take Andrea Barber’s daughter, for example. She knows her mom is incredibly well-known and beloved as Kimmy Gibbler from Full House. So she saw an opportunity present itself via her mom’s signature, and she capitalized on it.

Barber shared the story on her Instagram account, and honestly — it’s the best incident of childhood hustling ever.

“When you discover that your daughter has been ripping out your signature from her homework agenda and trading it with other students for chicken nuggets.”

Who needs fundraiser hoagies or lawn-mowing gigs when your mom is a famous actress, beloved by millennial parents everywhere? This little girl is flush with ready-made Kimmy Gibbler autographs and saw dollar signs. Well, technically she saw nugget signs — which honestly is even better.

Barber, who was a stay-at-home mom prior to the Fuller House re-boot on Netflix, is mom to Tate, 13, and Felicity The Chicken Nugget Hustler, 10.

“The only real barometer of time [passing] is when our kids come to the set,” Barber told PEOPLE. “Felicity’s the age I was when I started Full House. It’s a very full circle moment for me.”

We loved Kimmy Gibbler way back when, we love her now just as much, and we can’t help but love that Andrea Barber’s daughter has taken a page right out of the Gibbler book by becoming an expert schoolyard schemer herself. Now let’s just hope she has a friend like D.J. at school to talk her out of any zanier plots.