Kirsten Dunst’s New Fashion Shoot Announced Her Pregnancy For Her

by Thea Glassman
Image via Jason LaVeris/Getty

Kirsten Dunst’s pregnancy photos are pure magic.

Kirsten Dunst just raised the bar high when it comes to pregnancy photo shoots. Like, Beyoncé high. The actress was featured in Rodarte’s fall 2018 lookbook, and literally looked like a pregnant fairy princess living in a magical forest. I’m aware that sounds crazy — but it’s the best comparison I can make, and I’m sticking with it.

The pictures are pretty much #goals — whether you’re pregnant or not. We should all be so whimsical.

“It was hard not to cry as I took these photos,” Autumn de Wilde, the shoot’s photographer, wrote. “Such a beautiful mother. Such a beautiful friend. Such a powerful woman.”

*Sigh.* she really does look like pure magic and the pregnancy glow is very much alive and well. Also — side note — it’s insane to look at these pictures and think that 18 (!) years have gone by since Bring It On was released. Oh, how much we’ve all grown.

Dunst never officially broke the pregnancy news, but US Weekly made the announcement back in early December. The actress, who’s engaged to former co-star Jesse Plemons, has been pretty open about her desire to get pregnant and told Marie Claire last June that she’s definitely ready.

“It’s time to have babies and chill,” she said. “I wasn’t one of those ‘I need a baby!’ people until my goddaughter was born. I love her so much. That love is just like…you can’t experience that unless you have a kid.”

Lots and lots of congratulations to Dunst and Plemons for their upcoming baby! Also, don’t worry Beyhive, Beyoncé’s floral pregnancy photo shoot still reigns forever supreme in our hearts.