Cute Kitchen Sh*t You Didn't Know You Needed Until Now

by Samantha Angoletta

I admit it. I hate cluttered countertops, but I’m a sucker for kitchen stuff. From witty quote mugs to dish towels, I will buy it all.

Like these bamboo tools (they are my favorite):

And the world’s cutest storage crock:

Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers:

Also in red:

Stainless steel bowls with bright lids (and grater attachments!):

I feel like everyone needs this butter dish in their life:

The cutest coasters I’ve ever seen:

Dino soup ladles (or sandbox toys, if you’re my children):

Rainbow measuring cups and spoons (also could become sand toys, if you’re my children):

And last, but not least, these dish towels that are too damn cute to use:

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