10 Ways You Know You're a Parent on Vacation

by Scary Mommy
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10 Ways You Know You’re a Parent on Vacation:

1. You spend approximately 90% of your time looking for souvenirs for your children.

2. 99% of that time is spent insuring that each child gets souvenirs of the same perceived value, proving (once again,) that you love them all the same.

3. You are giddy over the prospect of sleeping late in the morning… and you do. Until 8AM!!!

4. You sport a character bandaid on your nicked leg because A. You actually shaved it above the knee and B. It’s all you had in your cosmetic bag.

5. You take out 80 bucks in cash, thinking that’ll be enough to get you through the weekend. (OMG, and I thought babysitters were expensive?)

6. You forgot paper ID bracelets ever served a purpose other than museum or petting zoo entry.

7. You find yourself watching the Disney channel… alone.

8. You pick out meals for each of your children at every meal, even though they’ll never eat at that restaurant.

9. Even though you are loving every minute of distance, you spend a half hour on hold with the airline trying to catch an earlier flight home so you can see the kids before bed.

10. And the next night, you wonder what the hell you were thinking.

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