12 Koala Coloring Pages That'll Make You Want To Travel Down Under

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Koala Coloring Pages
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Koalas are, without a doubt, some of nature’s most lovable creatures. Not only are they cute, but they also have myriad interesting facts surrounding them. Want an example? Well, they’re not classified as bears! Even though they’re often called “koala bears,” koalas are marsupials. While many koalas aren’t too dangerous to humans, they’re still wild animals and need plenty of space. Plus, these creatures primarily live in Australia. That means, aside from learning more about them, one of the best ways to appreciate the koala is with koala coloring pages. As luck would have it, we created a collection that definitely koala-fies as a ton of fun.

We love koala coloring pages because, let’s be honest, these cuddly animals can brighten any day. Even if we never get the chance to see a real koala in its native environment, these free printables allow us to visit them through our imagination and learn a few fascinating facts along the way.

So, basically, koala coloring pages are an excellent way to bring the experience home. And when you’ve enjoyed plenty of koala-ty time with these 10 pages, move on to our other wildlife printables. If you want to stick with Australian animals, we suggest kangaroo coloring pages. But should you decide to explore some animals native to Africa, why not try hippo coloring pages, zebra coloring pages, or cheetah coloring pages?

Free Printable Koala Coloring Pages

Koala No. 1

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This cute koala is enjoying a snack! Koalas are known for eating eucalyptus. In fact, it’s almost the only thing koalas can digest. They’re very picky eaters, and it often takes about five hours per day for a koala to eat. They also get their water intake through the moisture content in the food they eat! Well, for the most part — they do partake in a process called “stemflow,” which entails the koala licking water running down the side of tree trunks during rainfall. But, fun fact, koala itself means “no drink.”

Koala No. 2

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This mom and baby koala are equally adorable. Just like kangaroos, koalas have a pouch to help them develop and carry their young. So, it makes sense these two have such a strong bond. Try coloring these in different hues to better distinguish them. Did you know koalas partake in same-sex mating behavior? Female koalas sometimes engage in sexual activity.

Koala No. 3

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Here’s yet another tree-climbing koala! Koalas usually are colored gray and brown, but feel free to give this guy any variety of colors you choose. He’d look pretty fabulous in a light pink or light blue. If you like the way it looks, use this koala coloring page for an inspirational painted wall in a child’s bedroom. Any kid would enjoy having this sweet marsupial share space with them.

Koala No. 4

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This happy koala looks like it’s filled to the brim with eucalyptus. It’s fascinating to think about how koalas have adapted to this diet, as they’re one of only three mammals who can survive off of a eucalyptus diet. Oddly enough, it’s toxic to many other mammals. And did you know that a koala’s fingerprints are nearly identical to a human’s? You never know when you might be framed by a bitter koala bear.

Koala No. 5

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Here’s a little tidbit that will probably make your kiddo LOL — koalas have strong butts! Since they spend so much time wedged between tree branches or climbing up and down, their cute koala booties must offer ample support. And the strong cartilage at the end of their curved spine does just that. Fun fact: A koala’s scientific name is Phascolarctos cinereus, which means ash gray pocket bear. So cute!

Koala No. 6

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This koala looks like he just minds his own. And, that’s fine. Koalas are a lot slower than you might imagine, so seeing a koala sit and stare is realistic. If you want to encourage your kid’s creativity, though, ask them what they believe caught this curious guy’s attention.

Koala No. 7

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Back in the day, there was a show on Nickelodeon called Noozles, which focused on koala bears Pinky and Blinky. This koala looks like he’d fit right in with the animated cast. So, we think he’s begging to get plastered in pastels! Try light purple fur and a dark purple nose for ultimate cuteness.

Koala No. 8

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Sure, this koala could be climbing a tree. Or, it could be playing the guitar. With the angle of the branch, this one’s definitely up for interpretation. You can add a lot to this picture by making the leaves rainbow-colored, or by making the limb rainbow-colored. Rainbow eucalyptus trees are a thing that exists, and they’re absolutely stunning.

Koala No. 9

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If this gal looks a little tired, she probably is — koalas can sleep up to 18 hours a day. The reason for this lethargy? Eucalyptus leaves are low in nutrients, so sleeping helps these creatures conserve energy.

Koala No. 10

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There’s mom and baby koala again! It’s hard not to fall in love with these two. For this interpretation, go crazy. Maybe break out the glitter gel pens and make the lining of their ears sparkle in bronze.

Koala No. 11

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Have you ever wondered why koalas are always hugging trees? Well, it’s more than an adorable pose. They do this to keep cool in the hot Australian heat. When these furry climbers feel hot, they press their bodies against the cooler spots of the tree.

Koala No. 12

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Koalas are literally the most chill animals. Even Milo Ventimiglia, aka Jack Pearson from This Is Us thinks they’re awesome. He once said, “I’d love to hold a koala. They sleep 22 hours a day, eat eucalyptus leaves and just hang out. I want to spend some time with that guy.” We agree, Jack.

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