Kraft Will Pay For A Babysitter So You Get Some Kid-Free Time On Mother's Day

by Christina Marfice
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Kraft is buying babysitters for all moms who want some alone time this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and moms, you deserve to spend your day however you would like to. If you want to spend it with the kids, more power to you! But if you find yourself wishing you could have a break for your Mother’s Day gift, well, Kraft is here for you. Just like they are when your kid refuses the risotto and salmon you spent hours working on.

The makers of our favorite boxed mac and cheese have an amazing offer for all moms this Mother’s Day: They will pay for a babysitter — up to $100 worth — so you can enjoy some kid-free time doing whatever you want to do. Get brunch. Go on a date with your significant other. Sit in your car in complete silence. Anything you want, while the kids are in a sitter’s capable hands.

Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

Just like the video says, this Mother’s Day, you can have the gift of not being needed. But just for a day.

You might be asking yourself, “What’s the catch?” We certainly did. But there doesn’t appear to be one. You simply hire a babysitter on Mother’s Day, head to Kraft’s dedicated website for the promotion, upload some kind of receipt that shows what you paid for childcare that day, and wait for Kraft to send you a check to reimburse the cost of the sitter.

And in the meantime, you get to spend Mother’s Day absolutely however you freaking want. You can hang out with the kids all day, then head off to see an adults-only movie Sunday night. You can spend the morning with the kids, then head for afternoon happy hour with your grownup friends. You can leave the kids at home with the sitter all day while you do whatever your adult heart desires. And Kraft is gonna foot the bill. Could there be a more perfect Mother’s Day gift?


Think about this. You spend so much time being a mom. And being a mom is a metric shit ton of work. On the one day of the year we set aside to truly celebrate moms, what better to do than give them a little time off? Time to spend with their friends. Time to spend with themselves. Time to spend doing literally anything that doesn’t involve being responsible for the care and well-being of one or more small humans. Any mom who says she doesn’t want this is either crazy or lying.

So get ready to enjoy Mother’s Day on your terms, moms. Thanks to Kraft, you don’t need to be needed that day. The kids are taken care of. Go enjoy your day.

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