Kristen Bell Is Calling On Moms To Take Action For The Earth

by Micaela Birmingham
Originally Published: 
Scary Mommy

Aside from being legitimately friendly and down to earth, we can’t help but love Kristen Bell for her latest Earth Day partnership. Scary Mommy sat down with Kristen to chat about her work with the World Wildlife Fund and Tide purclean™ who have teamed up to promote eco-friendly and sustainable living — and it all starts in your laundry room!

We know Kristen is crazy for sloths (um, remember that hilarious Ellen video?) but who knew that a few energy-saving laundry habits could make such a huge difference for the earth? Kristen is tweeting about it and counting on all the Scary Mommies out there to take the sustainable laundry pledge. (Yes, it’s a thing.) When you do, Tide will donate $5 to the WWF. Now that’s a win for everyone in the laundry room.

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, show your support and use the hashtag #CleanPledge. Watch our interview with Kristen for more about how we can do our part:

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