Kristen Bell Covered In Stickers At The Grocery Store Is Every Mom Ever

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Because grocery shopping with a toddler is not for the weak

Being a mom means being intimately familiar with your local grocery store. You’re there sometimes several times a week, often with your kids in tow. What used to be a simple shopping task pre-kids is now a monumental effort — even for Kristen Bell.

Bell is one of our favorite celebrity moms ever, because she’s not afraid to keep it real on social media. Her recent Instagram story documenting her own grocery store visit just further proves she’s One Of Us.

Image via Instagram/Kristen Bell

“I am currently walking through a grocery store being assaulted by a toddler with stickers and not a single person is calling the police,” she captioned the photo. LOL. Damn those apathetic passers-by.

See, this is the side of celebrity moms we love to see: no makeup, hair in a mild-yet-endearing state of disarray, a comfy flannel shirt, and blatant evidence that her toddler is her boss. Because anyone with a toddler knows in reality, we answer to them — not the other way around. For me, venturing to the grocery store with my two-year-old means giving myself a mental pep talk and filling my purse to the brim with mini packets of M&Ms and goldfish.

This is hardly the first time Bell has shared the reality that is parenting via her social media.

Her two daughters — like a majority of the Frozen fan club — are big fans of Elsa. AKA not the character their mom voiced in the movie.

And who could forget the photos she recently shared of her labor and delivery experience with her younger daughter? We will never forget the vision of her in those hospital-grade mesh undies for as long as we live.

Image via Instagram/Kristen Bell

Bottom line (pun very much intended) we love her for her candidness, her sense of humor, and her parenting honesty. Never change, Kristen Bell.

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