Mom's Viral Post Nails The Nightmare That Is Shopping For Clothes

by Sarah Hosseini
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Image via Facebook/IMomSoHard

Kristen Hensley of #IMomSoHard writes a very real post about trying on dresses

For so many women, trying on clothes is a total nightmare. Something happens in the dressing room that takes a grown ass woman and reduces her to a puddle of tears. You’re not alone and a woman from one of our favorite parenting Facebook pages is breaking down why shopping sucks so effing much

Kristen Hensley, half of the comedy duo behind IMomSoHard, posted a photo of herself on Facebook in pants, even though she went shopping for dresses. “Shopping sucks. I had to try on dresses today and nothing fit. It’s the worst feeling in the world!” she writes.

It is the absolute worst. You could be feeling like the human equivalent of sunshine, then bam. You go into a dressing room and feel like total shit about yourself. Total self-esteem killer. (And P.S.; those fluorescent lights can fuck off forever).

“I’m not big. I’m not small. I’m a size 10 (an 8 at The Gap) and most of it’s in my middle because I had babies,” she writes. THIS.IS.MY.LIFE. It makes zero sense that I’m a size 16 at Target, but a “small” in Michael Kors. Why are we different sizes at different stores? Can’t the retailers and designers get together and make some universal size chart?

And then there’s this issue of the middle. That fun pooch that appears after birthing humans and just never leaves no matter how much you exercise.

“I run. I lift weights and I’m strong. And yet these fucking dresses made me feel weak, misshapen, and lumpy, which in all honesty I kinda am,” she says.

Honey, let us break it down. There aren’t enough “side bends and sit ups,” as Sir-Mix-A-Lot so eloquently put it, to make that middle vanish. Shit is stuck like glue. Unless you’re a celebrity and have a personal trainer, or fitness is your full-time job. Which for most moms, it’s not.

As you can imagine, Hensley got virtual high-fives and solidarity in the comments section from other moms. Many of whom shared their own struggles with finding clothes that fit.

This isn’t the first time the IMomSoHard women have tackled the crappy clothing options for women. They hilariously addressed the pain and torture that is wearing Spanx. You know, those things you literally have to shove mounds of flesh into that make you feel like you can’t breathe? They also made us pee when they perfectly illustrated why bathing suits are absolute bullshit.

What these women are dedicated to is telling the truth. Keeping it real on all things womanhood and motherhood. They bemoan certain absurdities in our lives, like we all do, but at the end of the day they always remind us what really matters.

Hensley explains that as awful as the whole-trying-on-clothes experience can be, it’s meaningless compared to what’s at home. What she already has.

She writes, “Then I got home, looked at pictures of my kids, smelled the chicken I had cooking on the stove, and poured a glass of wine. Because in the end, it’s just a dress. And I look better in pants anyway.”

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