Mom Writes Post On Why We Need To Stop Acting Like Dads Are Incompetent

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Facebook/Kristina Kuzmic

Because moms aren’t the only ones who should be held to a high standard

The “incompetent dad” trope is a familiar one, even now when dads are taking a more active parenting role than ever. Mom and comedian Kristina Kuzmic isn’t having it, and refuses to make fun of dads in this way for a few very noteworthy reasons.

In a Father’s Day inspired post, Kuzmic took to her Facebook page to address the fact that she’s often asked to create videos or bits that mock fathers and portray them to be “incompetent, childish idiots.” Think about it — I know I roll my eyes everytime I see one of those dumb, “dad-proof” onesies for sale. Television shows and movies that still portray dads as incapable of taking care of their own children or functioning without their wife or partner’s help is as sexist as it is tired. It’s unfair to dads and moms.

Kuzmic perfectly explains why she won’t take part in it.

“Though I realize that making dads look like incompetent, childish idiots is pretty popular on the internet (and the media in general) I will never do it and here’s why,” she says. “For the same reason I wouldn’t mock moms. I’m rooting for all parents.”

Also, perpetuating the notion that dads are morons who need to be enabled by their spouses just contributes to gender stereotypes and the mental load moms carry, day in and day out.

Kuzmic thinks mocking people doesn’t exactly motivate them to step up and do a good job.”It will only cause them to do even less,” she writes. “As I’ve said before: feeling like a loser has never helped anyone thrive in life.”

Perhaps the most crucial point Kuzmic makes is the one regarding her sons, and the example she wants to set for them. “I have sons who might someday decide to be dads, and I refuse to create any content that would make my boys think that men are less capable than women of being great parents or homemakers.”

There are plenty of stay-at-home dads, single dads, and dads who are just as involved in all aspects of parenthood out there. Because — despite generations of being conditioned to think otherwise — men are fucking capable of being equal partners and parents. Treating them like they’re idiots just makes them more inclined to be idiots — and if nothing else, moms don’t need that shit. We need competence and capability.

“No parent is perfect,” Kuzmic concludes. “So let’s make it unacceptable to label an entire gender as inadequate.”

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