Vlogger Nails Why It's OK To Expose Men Who Harass Women Online

by Christina Marfice
Image via Kristina Kuzmic / Facebook

Thanks to Kristina Kuzmic, we’re all feeling a little more empowered to stand up to harassers online

Kristina Kuzmic is already one of the most relatable moms on the internet. Her videos about parenting strike a real chord with moms who are sick of influencers who make everything look perfect. She’s the OG hot mess mom, and she’s so lovable for it.

Now we have yet another reason to love her. In her latest vlog, Kuzmic takes on men who leave disgusting, sexual comments on her videos and social media pages. She’s on a mission to #OutThem, because the men who leave those kinds of comments publicly for anyone to see deserve to be outed.

In case anyone isn’t aware of this type of harassment, she starts the video by reading some of the comments she’s received recently.

Even with the worst words censored, it’s clear that these are some nasty things people are saying. But this isn’t news to any woman who’s been on the internet.

Kuzmic then goes on to call out one particular man who commented on her Facebook page, “Let’s meet and have sex.” The same man had posted some other truly vulgar comments on her videos, so Kuzmic decided to fight back. She screen shotted the vile, offensive comments he had left (again, publicly, where anyone could see them), and posted them to Instagram along with the man’s full name and the hashtag #OutThem.

Kuzmic explained that most of her followers appreciated her outing this man, but there were some women who commented that what she was doing wasn’t OK. That this man who sexually harassed her on a public forum online deserved privacy and kindness. Excuse me?

As Kuzmic very correctly puts it, “There are people who have very little to say when a woman is being provoked, but man do they have a lot to say when that woman retaliates.”

And that’s the key issue here. We need #OutThem to become a movement, because this happens all. The. Time. Women are harassed and objectified and sexualized just for existing on the internet, and the men who act this way very rarely face any consequences. If they feel OK with leaving these kinds of comments in public places where anyone can see them, how can they complain when their comments are reposted and shared?

“Thankfully, finally, it is not acceptable any longer for men to be sexist, derogatory pigs, and it is no longer expected from women to take it silently,” Kuzmic continues. “Let’s not be more concerned about protecting jerks who are sexually harassing women than we are about making sure that every single woman knows that this is not OK.”