Kylie Jenner Is Getting Majorly Mom-Shamed For Going To Coachella

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Commenters flooded Jenner’s Instagram account with mom-shaming remarks

Honestly, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do — if you’re a mom, there are always people waiting in the wings to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Kylie Jenner is no exception. The new mom made an appearance at Coachella over the weekend and many people have FEELINGS about it.

In one of her posts from Coachella, Jenner’s caption read “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” — a nod to Mean Girls and also the perfect leeway for Instagram trolls to tell her what a terrible mom she is.

Image via Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Soon enough, Jenner’s comments section read like a Who’s Who Of Mom-Shamers United.

Right. Okay, let’s unpack some of these. Do we really think Kylie Jenner isn’t equipped with an entire slew of well-paid nannies? She also has an enormous family full of experienced mothers who were perhaps watching the baby. Also, Stormi has a father. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, she was safe at home with him?

Oh also — it’s not really anyone’s business. But as we all know, that doesn’t stop Instagram trolls.

How dare a mother leave the confines of her home to go enjoy herself elsewhere! Jeez Louise. My first big outing post-baby was my best friend’s wedding — a hormonal nightmare that included upwards of eight bathroom trips to pull down my bridesmaid gown and pump while my mother-in-law updated me on my screaming two-month-old at home every 30 minutes. I wasn’t ready at all. But not everyone’s new parenthood experiences are the same.

Image via Instagram/Kylie Jenner

But a majority of new moms don’t have the kind of support system Jenner has — the family kind and the paid kind. Plus she makes her living on appearances. Most non-Hollywood new moms do not. Maybe we should just let her live her life and not offer public commentary that can only be described as awful?

Oh shit, that last person is coming in hot with the armchair diagnosis! Damn.

Regardless of how you feel about the Kardashian/Jenner family or Kylie in particular, the fact of the matter is that having a baby doesn’t mean serving a life sentence inside your house with your baby. No matter what the mom-shamers say.

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