Teacher Shares Students' Heartbreaking Reaction To Fire Drill

by Thea Glassman
Image via alacatr/Getty/Facebook

Students panicked that the fire drill was a ‘set up’ for possible mass shooting

After a horrific school shooting in Florida claimed 17 lives, we’re all on edge about safety, our children’s well-being, and the general state of humanity. Meanwhile, students are actually living the dark reality of going into their classrooms everyday, with hopes that they’re safe and protected.

A viral Facebook post from a teacher detailed just how terrified teenagers are right now, along with an important reminder that — once again — something needs to change. Immediately.

Lacey Garner took to Facebook to recount a recent incident that occurred when an unexpected fire alarm went off at school — and everyone’s heart pretty much plummeted to the floor.

“Our first thought wasn’t to exit the building, but to wonder if this was the start to a very dark afternoon,” she wrote. “For 30-60 seconds after the alarm started, the hallways were dead. Not one teacher instantly thought to abide by ‘fire drill’ procedures.”

Garner said that her high school students begged her not to take them outside, out of fear that the alarm was a setup for a shooting.

Some of her students began to cry as they were led out of the classroom, and one teen said: “I don’t want to die.” Garner promised her kids that everything was going to be okay, but on the inside she was repeating the words: “please don’t let this be it…please don’t let this be it.”

“As we were coming back in the building, the fire alarm went off again,” she recounted. “The same confusion, dread, and fear overcame the students. Some ran for classrooms. Others ran for doors.”

It turned out that the cause of the alarm was dust in the gym – an enormous sigh of relief for everyone, but also a heartbreaking reminder of the fear, pain, and confusion students and teachers are currently dealing with.

“This is the climate in schools around the country right now,” Garner said. “It’s not okay. Kids are scared. Teachers are scared.” She went on to say that teachers are doing their very best but could really, really use the public’s support.

“Every teacher I know would die trying to save your children,” she wrote. “…If we are willing to give our life, could you give us your voice? Demand change. Fix this shit.”

If you want to lend your support to teachers and students, there’s a ton of easy ways to get involved. You can call your representatives, march for gun control, and volunteer for organizations fighting gun violence. Whatever way you decide to go, I think we can all agree that we do, indeed, need to fix this shit.