Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Sound Heavenly Together In Their New Song

by Thea Glassman
Image via YouTube

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet is chicken soup for the soul

What do you get when you put Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in a movie together? Insanely smoking chemistry and also a duet that will touch you to your very core. A music video from the pair’s new film A Star Is Born has been released and it’ll make you feel many, many feelings.

The song Shallow, co-written by Gaga, is a haunting, soothing balm for the soul. The music video features the duo falling in love, being romantic, crying together, and holding each other, which is exactly the kind of content I need right about now. Also, Gaga hits an insane high note at one point and chills will go down your spine.

Will you be playing this song on repeat for the next 24 hours? Why, yes. Yes, you will.

People quickly marched onto Twitter to announce that they had officially fallen in love with the new single. They also noted that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper look great together and their collaboration is the only nice thing happening in 2018, which I think is a pretty solid statement.

So, what can you expect from A Star Is Born, aside from developing the strong desire for Cooper and Gaga to sing all your troubles away? The film revolves around a popular musician named Jackson (Cooper) who discovers a struggling artist named Ally (Gaga). A relationship blossoms, Ally’s star starts to rise, and the two struggle with Jackson’s alcohol addiction.

This is Gaga’s first starring role and she told Ellen DeGeneres that Cooper, who directed the film, helped make the whole process feel very safe.

“He just provided for such a sanctuary on set and he says it to me in the film and he said it to me in real life, ‘All you have to do is trust me,’ and I really felt like I could trust him every day on set, ” she said. “It was a totally different experience than I’ve ever had.”

Meanwhile, this was the first time that Cooper has ever performed music in a film so he was learning right alongside his co-star.

“We both took that leap of faith,” he told The Chicago Sun Times. “It was great for both of us to be in the foxhole together. And there was a lot at stake for both of us. This is a big swing — and that breeds a work ethic, which she already had, but it upped the ante for both of us in a way.”

*Sigh.* The film comes out on October 5th, so buckle of for all the tears, feels, and Lady Gaga’s insanely beautiful voice.