Lady Gaga Just Sent A Personal Message To Some Grade School Bullies To Knock That Shit Off

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Lady Gaga is not here for bullying, and she’s making sure these kids know it

Lady Gaga knows that the best thing we can be is ourselves — after all, we were all born this way. And no bullies are going to get in our way, if Gaga has anything to do with it. Just watch this video she posted to Instagram, sending a pretty clear message to kids at a California elementary school where a friend’s daughter was being bullied.

“Hi everybody at El Marino Elementary. This is Lady Gaga. I’m friends with Venice, and I work with Venice’s mommy, Julie,” Gaga says in the clip. “I’m really, really sad to hear that Venice is being bullied at school.”

She continues on to challenge the kids at the school to be their brave, kind selves instead of going along with bullying.

“I work a lot in the space of anti-bullying and I have learned that this can really change the growth and happiness of children all over the world,” she says. “So, I encourage you all to be kind to one another and to search within your community for bravery. Sometimes, it’s hard to stand up to the popular kids. Be kinder. Be braver. Go and sit with Venice and have lunch. Be a rebel.”

This definitely isn’t the first time Gaga has taken a hard anti-bullying stance. From her unapologetic anthem “Born This Way,” to telling off the people who body shamed her after her Super Bowl performance, to visiting homeless LGBTQ teens armed with donations and kind words, to her Born This Way Foundation, which calls for kindness and bravery to create welcoming, empowering spaces for kids, Gaga has always been a proponent of kindness.

I’m not sure if you could find a kid on the planet who hasn’t been picked on or felt left out at some point in his or her life. But sending that kid back to school armed with a video of Lady freakin’ Gaga asking the other kids to sit with them at lunch? That’s a pretty surefire way to up a kid’s cool factor. And if hearing it straight from the mouth of Mother Monster that bullying is super lame doesn’t stop those jerks in their tracks, well, they’re not worth Venice’s time anyway.

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