Lady Gaga's Goodbye Tribute To Her Beloved Horse Will Break Your Entire Heart

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Instagram/Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s beloved horse died over the weekend, and her touching tribute is bringing tears to our eyes

It should have been an amazing weekend for Lady Gaga, who won both Best Song and Best Actress at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday night. But as the celebrations were underway, Gaga raced home to say goodbye to her beloved horse, Arabella, who fell ill earlier in the day.

On Sunday night, she posted a heart-wrenching tribute to the mare, as well as a goodbye message, to Twitter and Instagram.

“I am so honored and blessed to have won both Best Song and Best Actress alongside Glenn Close this evening. My heart is exploding with pride,” she wrote. “But it saddens me to say that just after the show I learned that my dear angel of a horse, Arabella, is dying. I am rushing to her now to say goodbye. Her name means ‘yield to prayer’. She is and was a beautiful horse. Our souls and spirits were one. When she was in pain, so was I. I will never forget the moments we shared. Long hikes together, galloping through the canyons. Feeding her cookies. She will forever be a part of me. I am so very sad. But I wish for your pain to end, and the gates of heaven to open for you. I love you.”

Arabella, an Arabian mare, was a gift for Gaga from her record label. She described in past interviews how she didn’t know how to ride a horse when she met Arabella, but that the two of them connected on such a level that she knew they were meant to be together.

“I had never taken a horse-riding lesson. I literally did not know how to ride a horse. But I just grabbed her by the mane and rode her bareback,” Gaga told V Magazine in 2017. “She’s so well-trained that when I was about to fall off her, she stepped to the side to collect me.”

Arabella was not Gaga’s only horse, but she told multiple outlets that she didn’t have that special kind of bond with any of her other animals. From Arabella’s frequent appearances on Gaga’s social media, it’s clear they truly did share something special.

People are sending condolences on Twitter and they’re so sweet your heart will ache even more than it already does.

Anyone who’s ever loved or lost a pet knows how hard this is. Our hearts and love go out to Lady Gaga as she mourns this heartbreaking loss.

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