While I Lay Beside My Sleeping Baby

by Regan Long
Originally Published: 
sleeping baby
Regan Long

While you were sleeping, I let out a sigh of relief that finally, my sweet wild child, finally you were resting.

While you were sleeping, I had dishes piled and laundry overflowing, but instead I just lay beside you, peaceful and unmoving.

While you were sleeping, I just stared at you, in awe, that something so perfect could come from me.

While you were sleeping, I watched your tiny chest move up and down, and when your breathing would slow, I placed my ear to your mouth to ensure I could hear your tiny breaths.

While you were sleeping, I prayed over you. I thanked God at least 100 times that you are here and healthy, but most of all, that you are mine.

While you were sleeping, I noticed your onesie was almost too small for you. This was probably the last time I would ever see you in it.

While you were sleeping, I smiled as I gently ran my fingers through your messy hair. I’ve never seen another human pull off tangled hair as perfectly as you.

While you were sleeping, my heart ached at the thought that before long, you won’t need naps anymore, and the times for you and I to just be still together, well…will be few and far between.

While you were sleeping, I realized that it’s possible to miss someone even while you’re sitting right next to them. You tired me all day long, but I do. I already miss you and your smile and sweet giggles.

While you were sleeping, I almost picked you up, as I just wanted to rock you while you still fit in my arms and lie perfectly atop of my chest.

While you were sleeping, it hit me. As my heart was throbbing and tears welled up in my eyes, I saw a toddler rather than a baby.

While you were sleeping, I watched my fourth and final baby transform right before my eyes.

Today I’m so glad I took the time to be next to you, my sweet baby…….while you were sleeping.

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