LeBron James Opened A School For At-Risk Youth

LeBron James Opened A School For At-Risk Kids, And We Couldn’t Love Him More

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LeBron James started an incredible school for at-risk kids

LeBron James can do it all. He’s a basketball superstar, has pretty great comedic timing (watch him in Trainwreck ASAP), and just opened up an amazing school for at-risk youth. The I Promise School, located in James’s hometown of Akron, Ohio, aims to help kids who need some extra guidance and support.

Last year, the LeBron James Family Foundation reached out to the Akron school board with an idea for helping kids who were struggling both academically and at home. The two partnered together to create I Promise, an institution that offers a hugely crucial support system for families. It runs longer than the typical school year, so kids can catch up on the work they’ve fallen behind on. There’s also plenty of activities to keep students involved with healthy distractions.

That’s not all. Parents are offered support services as well, including job placement assistance and an on-site food bank. “We want to create that safe, that secure and that caring and loving environment for our families and our students so that our kids can focus on education,” Brandi Davis, the school’s principal, told the Los Angeles Times.

On July 30th, 240 students started their first day at the I Promise School. And, oh my goodness, the whole thing was incredibly beautiful.