Diner Threatens To Charge Maskholes If They Have To Explain Why Masks Are Required

by Madison Vanderberg

Texas diner charges a surcharge if you argue about their mask mandate

A Texas restaurant owner, sick and tired of anti-maskers coming into his restaurant and debating him on why masks are required in his restaurant, decided to combat the relentless sludge of maskholes by implementing a “mask surcharge.” If the restaurant has to explain to you why masks are mandatory, your bill is $50 more expensive. And if you try to “debate” them on their mask policy, you just added an extra $25 to that bill.

After Texas lifted its mask mandate and allowed restaurants to operate at full capacity, some restaurants continued to implement their own mask policies, which didn’t sit well with a lot of Texans, because, you know “their freedom” or whatever.

However, Legends Diner didn’t give an eff and put a sign in the window that reads: “Our new surcharge. $50 if I have to explain why masks are mandatory. $75 if I have to hear why you disagree.”

Honestly? We love to see it.

“We are serious about masks precautions,” the restaurant’s owner Wayne LaCombe told Today. “We require masks to walk in. We take temperatures, we have sanitizer on every table. Nobody’s allowed to walk around the restaurant without wearing a mask, because you do have diners sitting down, eating, not wearing a mask…It’s an important subject that needs to be addressed. We know when people do not wear masks, numbers go up, and we’re seeing that right now.”

He said that he put the sign up after Governor Abbott struck the statewide mask mandate. LaCombe also pointed out that restaurant workers still aren’t eligible for the vaccine despite having to interface with maskless customers all day.

Legends even had to release a Facebook statement underlying (again) why they’re choosing to enforce mask wearing in their restaurant, which is just exhausting work they shouldn’t have to do, but again…Texas.

“All we ask is that customers wear a mask as they walk past another person that is eating and not wearing a mask. Sure dosen’t seem like a lot to ask…but apparently it is,” they shared in a Facebook statement.

The good news is that although LaCombe says he still has to face maskholes who want to argue about the medical necessity of a mask, he says that most of their guests love the sign and are happy to comply with their mandate.

“(People) were laughing and taking pictures of it coming in, saying ‘I love your sign,’ so I left it up,” said LaCombe. “We definitely did not expect to get this kind of response….People don’t want their freedom infringed on, but small businesses, especially here, are definitely taking this serious and requesting masks upon entering, so fortunately we are not having any issues with people coming in unmasked.”