Let's Bring Back The Fruit Basket

by Kira Gilbertson
Originally Published: 
OlgaPink / Getty

Words often fail to adequately describe emotions. Displaying sympathy, empathy, and a general desire to show support can be difficult.

Phone calls are awkward, texts are juvenile, emails are open to the interpretation of the reader (let’s be honest, when we are at our worst, so are our interpretation skills). Cards can be sweet and personal. But you know what’s better than a card?

A card with food.

Food is the international way to say, “Whatever happened to you sucks, I’m going to support you. Let’s eat our feelings for a little while.” Food as a comfort system is embedded in our culture. Millions of casserole-delivering grandmas can’t be wrong.

When people are going through a tough time, taking care of themselves can fall by the wayside. Sending treats or even full meals helps to remind someone that not only are they cared for but that they should care for themselves. Nothing says “Perk up!” like a basket filled with coffee, chocolate, and baked goods. Seriously… see what I did there?

Adding the extra effort towards someone leaves a lasting emotional memory. Through stress or grief, experiencing a moment of relief is welcome. Enter basket of goodies. Receiving a thoughtful gift allows for a moment of distraction.

This extra effort also allows a loved one to form a positive memory during their shitstorm. Everyone deserves an emotional break, and personally I want my break to involve cheese.

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