'Letters From Heaven' Is The Best 18th Birthday Gift Ever

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

Teen opens “letters from heaven” on her 18th birthday in sweet viral video

There are some birthday gifts money simply can’t buy, and one of them is words of wisdom from loved ones who are no longer with us. One teen discovered just that in a viral video showing her opening a present her mom called “letters from heaven.” And seeing how much it meant to her will make you want to do it for your child, pronto.

Susie Aldershoff Van Metre gave her daughter Abby an incredible gift for her 18th birthday, but she’s had it waiting for the last 17 years. When Abby turned one, her mom asked their loved ones to write a letter to be opened on the girl’s 18th birthday. That day came this past week and Van Metre caught the moment on video.

She writes, “Letters from Heaven. This week Abby turned 18. For her 1st birthday we asked all our loved ones to write her a letter to be put in a time capsule that would be opened 17 years later. It is the most precious gift we could have ever given to her.”

Judging by the video, a teary Abby certainly agrees and that’s largely because the letters contain messages from loved ones she’s lost throughout her life. “Among the 25 letters are 7 letters from people who have passed on. These include letters from her Grandfather Doug, her uncle John Aldershof, great grandparents and more.”

The family all enjoyed reading them aloud together with Van Metre sharing, “We cried and laughed all night. Such a blessing to have birthday wishes from everyone.” She says, “The time capsule was full of great things for her. If you have a small child in your life, please share this idea. It was incredible.”

My children are nine and seven and I’m now plotting to have some of our family members do this for them as well. Not only would it be amazing for our family to read a decade from now, but if something did happen and we lost someone close to us, what an irreplaceable gift one last letter full of their words would be. And if you have a baby? Here is the perfect first birthday gift from everyone you know and love. It’s better than anything money could buy.

We predict this idea will catch on fast, so bravo to Abby’s mom for sharing this precious family moment with the world.