You Can Build Your Own Life-Sized Cat With These Blocks - You're Welcome

by Christina Marfice
Image via JEKCA / Instagram

Every cat lady needs several sets of these life-sized cat blocks

A good cat lady knows one thing to be true: There is no such thing as too many cats. Unfortunately, society tends not to agree. Most people who don’t feel a special kinship with the feline persuasion do, in fact, think there is such a thing as too many cats. They also tend to think that number is shockingly low — like, 3-5 cats, which is hardly any. Lucky for all us cat ladies, there are now life-sized cat blocks so we can build our very own feline fleet.

Yes, really.

Hong-Kong-based toy company JEKCA started producing cat blocks back in 2017, but we just stumbled upon them recently. The sets come with large, LEGO-like blocks that you can assemble into not just a cat, but a realistically posed, life-sized cat. Pose them all over your apartment, and it can feel like you have an entire herd of cats around you, which is every cat lady’s best life.

The kits also come with a ton of variety. Each one can be built into a different breed or color of cat, from fluffy-looking Persians to scrappy calicos.

They construct into poses that real cats definitely make, like the hilarious standing-with-one-paw-raised-to-investigate-something-interesting-or-steal-food-off-your-plate pose that cat owners know all too well.

They run, they jump, they watch TV. Or, at least, they’re posed to look like they do those things. They are still made out of cat blocks, so they probably won’t ever actually move. But neither do some real cats, really, so there you go.

No litter box clean-up? No one judging you for adding one more kitty to your feline fam? No one running laps around your house at 2am shrieking for no reason at all? I’ll buy a dozen.

While cat people are probably rejoicing over getting to fill their homes with these (seriously, I need about 20), lovers of other types of pets will love that JEKCA also has life-sized buildable block versions of other animals, like parrots and hamsters.

You can even nab a few building block farm animals, which, why wouldn’t you?

And yes, dog lovers, there are pups, too.

You can order your cat blocks (or other pet sculptures) at JEKCA’s website — they ship from Hong Kong to a number of countries, including the United States. Just remember to get all the necessary supplies, like a building block scratching post and litter box, first.