20 Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Look SO Much Better

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by Nichole Talbot
Rainbow chalk marker, Nexillumi LED backlights for TV and Vailge Pleated duvet cover next to each ot...
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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve the look of your home. Leave the expensive renovating for another day, because these quick fixes not only make your home more functional but amp up the style factor. Thanks to Amazon, there are lots of ways to spruce up your digs on the cheap. And because we’re here to help save you time and buyer’s remorse, we’ve made sure every item on this list is the best of the best with thousands of five-star reviews.

Most of these finds are under $20 and all are under $50, like accent lights and flameless candles that create cozy ambiance. Spring for a super-soft bedding set to give your bedroom a refresh or utilize some clever organizational hacks, like a mini wall shelf that doubles as a charging station or a tiered makeup organizer so you’ll never lose another lipstick. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a few items for the kitchen to make meal prep and storage easy breezy.

Relax and grab your favorite beverage, because you’ll want to take a good look at this list that’s full of eureka, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that products — all available for purchase right now to make your home look amazing. No renovations or contractors required.


These Repair Markers That Add Years Of Life To Furniture

Make visible signs of wear and tear on your furniture disappear with this nifty marker repair set. Six wax crayons and six felt markers cover and fill in scratches, indentations, and discoloration from years of wear. Even better, you can use them on nearly everything, like wood furniture, wood veneers, trim, flooring, cabinets, and doors. One shopper raved, “ works so well. I was able to perfectly match a scratch on my floor that has been bothering me and now I cannot even notice it.”


A Super Soft Duvet Set to Give Your Bedroom An Update

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and switching up the duvet cover will give your space an instant pick-me-up. This duvet’s super silky microfiber fabric and pintuck construction add touches of texture and luxury, two things that elevate any bedroom. What’s more, the set comes in five colors to complement your existing decor.


Some LED Backlights That Turn Your Living Room Into A Home Theater

Add these LED backlights to your TV for instant ambiance and to get that going-to-the-movies feel. Also called bias lighting, LED backlights help reduce eye strain by increasing the amount of ambient light in the room. They also create more visual contrasts to enhance your TV-watching experience — perfect for your next Netflix marathon. You can control the lighting with the included remote or free app. “I appreciate how easy it is to put on. The colors are beautiful and there's a variety of them,” one shopper reported, adding, “It's a non-expensive way to make any room look fancy.”


These Stove Gap Covers To Prevent Gross Food Spills

If you’ve ever had a food spillover on the stove that falls in the crack between the counter and cabinet, this gadget’s for you. Prevent icky food messes (and figuring out how you’re going to clean them) with these silicone gap covers for the space between your appliances and countertops. With more than 37,000 ratings on Amazon, they’re a simple kitchen hack that makes a big impact.


These Best-Selling Satin Pillowcase For Frizz-Free Hair

You may have heard the hype around the hair and skin benefits of silky pillowcases. Fans rave about having smoother skin free of pillow wrinkles and softer, easier-to-maintain locks. These satin pillowcases let you reap the benefits for a fraction of the cost real silk. More than 170,000 five-star reviews can’t be wrong.


A Set Of Rechargeable LED Strip Lights To Show Off Your Favorite Decor

The right lighting can completely transform a space, and these LED motion-sensor light strips offer just the right amount of accent or task lighting. They adhere with thin magnetic sheets so you don’t have to drill any holes (totally renter-friendly) and are great for under cabinets, between bookshelves, and in closets. The included lithium battery is rechargeable to eliminate costly hard wiring.


An LED Bed Light For Safer Nighttimes

If you’ve ever fumbled around for your slippers in the middle of the night, this one’s for you. Put this motion-sensor LED light strip under your bed frame for a soft glow as you hop in or out of bed. The nightlight also works well under bathroom cabinets — perfect for kids who need to use the bathroom in the middle of night. It also makes a good safety feature when used under stairs.


This 6-Outlet Extender With USB Ports To Operate All The Things

If your household is anything like mine, you have what feels like 100 different devices on every surface. Phones, tablets, laptops, speakers, and god-knows-what-else, all of which need regular charging to function. Charge them in one place (so you don’t lose them) with plenty of outlets left over for other household appliances. One shopper noted, “It allows me to charge two [phones] and keep other cooker/coffee machine plugged in, [even] with other entertainment devices. It has night light feature with one touch as well.”


A Deluxe Shower Head To Make Your Bathroom Spa-mazing

Your shower experience is about to get an upgrade with this luxe-but-affordable dual showerhead by AquaDance. There’s a large circular head that delivers a rainfall flow to make you feel like you’re in a day spa and a detachable hand-held piece for convenience. Six water flow settings pretty much guarantee you’ll be late to school drop-off.


A Kitchen Pan Organizer That Saves Precious Cabinet & Counter Space

Just when I thought every cool kitchen organization gadget had been invented, someone comes up with something great I never knew I needed. Like this pan organizer by SimpleHouseware that lets you easily stack your cookware in cabinets. No more clanking around searching for the right pan — they’re all neat and tidy in one spot. Bonus: Small cutting boards and bakeware also fit, so be sure to grab a few.


A Makeup Organizer For A Clutter-Free Bathroom Counter

Some days we’re super organized and put our makeup away, some days our bathroom counters are a total hellscape. Maybe it’s called balance, but my partner’s not thrilled about it. That’s why this tiered makeup holder is a godsend — I can move my makeup and facial care items to one spot and see everything I have. No more rummaging through my bathroom drawer swearing because I can’t find my favorite lipstick (or because one of my kids took it).


This Grout Pen To Refresh Your Tile Surfaces

Cleaning grout is a drag, especially if it’s older or has been neglected for a while. Whether you’re a renter and can’t replace grout or a homeowner and don’t want to, this grout stick will give your tile floors, countertops, or shower a little pick-me-up. Cover up stains and discoloration with the swipe of a pen. One reviewer gushed, “Works wonders, is making my tiles look good as new again and not too time consuming!! Very impressed.”


This Cable Storage Box For A Prettier Home Office

Do you ever look at home office organization inspo on Pinterest and call B.S.? Like, how is it possible there’s hardly a single cable in sight? A cable box like this is how they do it. It also works well for TV and media center setups. Choose from black or white to match your decor.


A Flameless Candle Set For Cozy (& Safe) Ambiance

Get that soft warm candlelight glow without worrying your toddler will knock them over and burn the house down. This flameless set comes with nine candles of various heights so you can place them all over your home and with two remotes for easy operation. They even have a timer feature so you can fall asleep with them on and not drain the battery. (Note: They each run on two AA batteries which are not included with the order.)


These Refrigerator Mats To Keep Your Shelves Clean & Smear-Free

Make your farmers’ market finds last longer with these EVA refrigerator mats in fun rainbow colors. You get nine washable mats in total, and they’re designed to allow for airflow underneath produce so it doesn’t get that yucky slime on the bottom of fruit and veggies. Custom cut them to size for your refrigerator shelves, pantry shelves, and inside kitchen cabinets. “I got a new fridge this year and the glass shelves were always getting dirty and had smears,” one shopper commented, “So I ordered these fridge mats, and they work great you just cut to size and lay in there. Much easier to clean and put back in.”


This Comfy Bath Mat That Feels Like You’re Walking On A Cloud

Did you know you should replace your bath mat every two years? If yours is looking threadbare and like it’s seen better days, give this velvety soft mat by Genteele a try. Its extra-thick pad is comfortable and water absorbent, and its tacky bottom helps prevent slips. Best of all, it comes in eight sizes and 18 colors to coordinate with your space.


A Flatware Organizer For Marie Kondo-Style Kitchen Drawers

Your cluttered kitchen drawers will thank you. This ingenious cutlery organizer keeps your forks, spoons, and knives elevated and at an angle so you can see what’s what. Stack two units side-by-side — one for grown-up flatware and one for all your Frozen and Spiderman spoons.


Some Pad Grippers That Keep Your Rugs in Place

Curled up rug corners are super annoying. Not only do they look shabby but they’re a real tripping hazard. These adhesive rug grippers attach to rug corners and make them stay put. They work on most household rug types and are machine washable. You get four in the order, but you can also choose from packs of six, eight, 12, or 16.


A Compact Wall Shelf For Charging & Storing Devices

Control your home’s clutter and move a few things off counters with a wall outlet shelf. Keep your phone, electric toothbrush, or other devices away from water or the kids. Each shelf includes an opening to help hide cords. One fan enthused, “This is the greatest thing you never knew existed and you needed. It is easy to install and very sturdy. No problem placing my kindle 10" and a 7" on it when charging.”


Accents To Give Your Garage Door A Glow-Up

Give your steel garage door an update with some decorative accents. Strong magnets keep these door-style handles in place, and UV-resistant plastic prevents weathering. Included in your order are two handles and four hinges to turn your plain garage door into a classic carriage design.