5 Unexpected Reasons Why This Genius Air Purifier Is At The Top Of My Holiday Wishlist

Admittedly, I’m pretty hard to shop for. But to be fair, I feel like most moms are. While material items can be fun to open and unwrap, it’s hard not to look at something and just envision it collecting dust in a corner, or stuffed at the back of a closet. The things I want are day-to-day improvements to make life a little less stressful. Case in point: An air purifier.

Back before becoming a mom, I never thought I’d be lusting after an air purifier — but, here we are. Air purifiers are like hiring a quiet maid who ensures you’re only breathing in the best. With a grocery list of other things that moms need to worry about (why are we expected to remember everyone’s birthdays?), it’s nice to have appliances that work for you, especially when cold and flu season hits. That’s why the Shark NeverChange Air Purifier MAX is topping my holiday wishlist this year.

1. The Shark NeverChange Air Purifier MAX Can Clean Up To 1,400 Square Feet In Just An Hour*

An hour is such a reasonable amount of time when it comes to cleanliness. Since this particular purifier can clean such a large amount of space at once, it means it can be used for multiple rooms simultaneously — if only there were a vacuum with the same M.O. To its benefit, this particular unit is known for being somewhat of an over-achiever. According to the manufacturer, it actually exceeds the HEPA standards in regards to how many micropollutants it removes, trapping 99.98% of pollutants in varying sizes. Not many other appliances will go above and beyond for you the way this air purifier will.

2. This Purifier Can Save You Up To $300 In Filter Replacement Over 5 Years

Here’s another fun fact about me: I’m pretty frugal. I hate paying full price on things, and I also despise items with “subscriptions” that make me pay for the privilege of using something every month. This air purifier will help counteract those transactions I can’t avoid, as the Shark NeverChange™ Air Purifier MAX’s filters last an impressive 10 times longer than competing units†† over five years¶. So many gadgets are easy to give up on since they have too many parts and maintenance needs that just aren’t convenient for working parents, so it’s important to appreciate the ones that genuinely save you time and money.

3. It Can Also Make Your House Smell So Much Better

Let’s be honest here. Each house has its own smell to it. And when you add kids and pets into the mix, that smell can be pretty gnarly. Plug-in air fresheners and wax melts have their place in the world of de-stinking your space, but this air purifier works even better by doing more than just covering up the issue at hand — and you can thank its Odor Neutralizer Technology for that. When it filters your air, the change in freshness is immediately apparent. Plus, it’s much safer than candles and can be controlled at the touch of a button.

4. The Shark NeverChange Air Purifier MAX Keeps Track Of Your Air Quality

It’s nice to offset the household job of “air quality check” to this device since it makes it quite a priority. Not only does it track, but it adjusts its power to what you need when you need it. You can see the results for yourself on an easy-to-read LED screen. If it could only help you remember birthdays, it’d be the most valuable gadget in your entire home — but hey, maybe that’s something future models will incorporate into their skillset. Fingers crossed.

5. This Air Purifier Is A Great Way To Combat Allergens

If your kid has been sneezing every day since September, this air purifier may be able to help. No, it can’t completely rid your home of germs, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to helping your family feel their healthiest. It helps control allergens like dust and dander, and can even take care of these problems overnight. Since the unit is relatively silent, you don’t have to worry about it waking you up in the middle of the night, or becoming too much of a distraction while trying to fall asleep.

Fellow moms, it’s time to invest in the products that make our lives a little simpler. The best gift of all is having one less thing to add to our ongoing mental checklist, and this air purifier does just that.

* Based on AHAM AC-1, at one air change per hour.

Versus a competitor filter, tested to GB/T18801-2015 R.CCM, based on 50% CADR decline, 300 SQ FT cleaning area, and 12 hrs daily operation on MAX fan speed

†† Versus cost of replacing filters on a competitor unit over 5-year period in 300 square foot space.

Tested to GB/T18801-2015 P.CCM, based on 50% CADR declined, 300 SQFT cleaning area, and 12 hrs daily operation on MAX fan speed.