Remote Control Spiders Your Kids Will LOVE

Don’t worry — they’re not too scary.

by Kyle Schurman
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Remote Control Spiders Kids
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Arachnophobia is a real thing. I know. I’ve lived with an arachnophobe for 18 years whose colossal fear of spiders has included middle-of-the-night terror attacks involving spider nightmares. She also was a huge fan of Harry Potter books, so being able to survive some of those scenes in the books and movies with the giant spiders was quite the ordeal.

Regardless of how intense your fear of spiders is, you probably don’t want to pass a fear of spiders on to your children. After all, spiders may be scary to us, but they are fascinating to kids who love science and nature shows (the episode of Wild Kratts, Secrets of the Spider’s Web was pretty cool). And let’s admit, spiders do eat more annoying insects, so they really do have significant benefits to us and Mother Earth.

So let’s just put our fears aside and admit that kids love anything that’s gross or scary or gross AND scary. Add to that any sort of electronic components and remote control capabilities and you’re set. Your kids already love the best remote control cars, so giving them a remote control spider seems like a win.

These remote control spiders climb walls, move around on the floors, and are sure to enrage the family cat. But if this is a successful way to give your kids a healthy way to keep busy and love nature, it’ll be worth it... we hope.

We might as well start our list of the best remote control spiders with the best mix of lifelike and creepy. This Tipmant spider is huge, as the body is about as big as the size of your adult hand, and the legs hang well over the edges of your hand. But it’s the bright blue eyes that’ll probably send you over the edge, especially if the kids are driving this thing toward you in a dark room. (Deep breaths, deep breaths.) The plastic bottom is hidden from view pretty well, giving this model a more realistic look. On the bottom, it has three very small wheels to propel it, so it will not go well on slick linoleum or thick, plush carpet. The five-button remote is pretty easy to use and clearly marked, so younger drivers should be able to handle it. It gives you basic moves of forward, backward, left, and right. It is not a remote control spider that climbs walls, which probably is a good thing. It’s already creepy enough.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My son loves it! The dogs love to see it running around... They chase it around the house.”

For a simpler design in a robot spider, the Terra by Battat RC spider is more suitable for younger kids. This remote control has only three buttons, so it’s easier for children to understand than some others. You can move it in three directions (forward, right, or left), and it even has a 360-degree spin mode for a little extra fun. The red eyes on this spider will light up for a jolt of terror when the lights are out. It looks pretty fake when it’s just sitting on the floor, but once it starts moving around, it may fool you occasionally, so you can count on your kids using this remote control spider for evil at least part of the time. You’ve been warned.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My son loves nature and animals. Spiders are a part of nature. The remote was easy to use to make the spider move up and down or turn or go in circles. It's fun to use a prank people. The legs move so life-like and it's quiet. Many different family members of all ages took turns playing with my son's toy spider.”

Much like the large-size Tipmant remote control spider listed earlier, this slightly smaller Tipmant 2CH spider has a realistic look, complete with a furry exterior. This spider has a rotating wheel toward the front of the body on the bottom to help you steer it, and two wheels toward the back of the body on the bottom to keep it moving forward on many surfaces, but it will struggle on deep carpet or slick floors. We also should mention that when we say this robot spider is slightly smaller than its big brother, it’s still big enough that its legs will hang slightly off the side of the average adult hand when holding it. Let’s just say it’s plenty big enough to scare the s**t out of the cat. Hopefully, you’ll hear it coming or it’ll scare the s**t out of you too.

One Reviewer Wrote: “THIS THING IS SO COOL! My 6yr old loves it! It is pretty delicate, but so far has withstood his rough play. The remote control is easy to use and has two directions...It has a furry life-like hair all over, and is really quite realistic considering its size.”

A Hexbug spider is one of the more popular remote control spider toys. Your kids may already have some other Hexbugs, so adding a Hexbug spider is a natural progression. Each Hexbug will bounce across the floor, and you can steer it with a wireless remote control that’s pretty easy to use, even for younger kids. With the Hexbug spider, the head rotates 360 degrees, so you can do some fun tricks with it. It’s available in a few different colors, so you may want to collect them all. (Or not.) If you cannot stand the other robot spiders on our list, this one doesn’t look like a realistic spider, and it’s quite a bit smaller than the others, so it may be easier for you to tolerate. Consider this a starter-level remote control spider, and you then may be able to migrate to another, creepier model in the list as your level of bravery grows.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This toy was fun to play with and a big hit. Good also for manual dexterity and a sense of ability to do by himself. It walks in various directions and the batteries last well.”

Dare we say, this remote control spider is actually... kind of cute? Okay, so it might have glaring red eyes, but surely there’s a soft side to this spider. Even if it, uh — sprays a blue mist in the dark. Best recommended for kids over the age of three, this spider will provide hours of entertainment and scares. Its eyes light up, and it moves pretty much just like a sneaky spider would. And while it comes equipped with music, it also comes equipped with a mute button — which parents love to hear.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Got this for my 3-year-old who is currently obsessed with spooky season and he loves it! He is able to work the remote and all the different things this spider does! Has really good songs on it and the misting is so fun!”

What’s that glowing in the dark? Wonderful for a good prank, this Aerbee remote-control spider is yet another solid choice. This furry little buddy comes with a battery-operated remote control and is recommended for kids eight and up. This spider can move fast from room to room, and also works just fine on carpeted floors.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My son is obsessed with spiders so this gift was perfect for him! It’s fast and realistic looking as well. I almost regretted getting it because of my fear of spiders, lol. But what’s more important is that he loved it.”

It’s hard not to love this DEERC robot spider. Even if you hate spiders, there’s something about this toy that sets it apart. This is also a spider that mists, adding to the fun. (But, don’t worry — it’ll only activate if you hit the “spray” button.) Its eyes are actually LED lights that switch from red to dark blue. It can also play music, making it a welcomed guest around Halloween time.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is an all-around fun toy, whether you use it with pets or not. The spray doesn't go but about 3 inches which is good and it lights up. The ice cream truck music sounds if you push the center button, otherwise, it will make sounds that represent what the spider is doing like spraying or an initial sound when you first turn it on. Easy to maintain, you just add some water and replace the cap, turn it on from the bottom switch and then get your remote cause it's ready to go. Kids will love it!”

What’s better than one creepy crawly? Two creepy crawlies. The Robo Alive spiders are a great bang for your buck, and plenty of parents have loved how they’ve entertained their kiddos. With a furry spider body, these look pretty much like the real thing. They don’t move as stealthily as some of the other spiders on the list, but they’re still a great alternative on a budget. They come in two different color varieties.

One Reviewer Wrote: “My son loves these things. He loves, even more, to get his little sister to jump. Any of the Robo Alive toys are a good choice.”

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