Razor Brand Gloriously Normalizes Mustaches On Women With Genius Ad

by Sarah Bregel
A close-up of a woman's lower face section with a moustache

The razor company, Billie, is all about letting women’s body hair be seen in their ad campaigns

We all — human beings — have hair all over our bodies. It grows on our arms, legs, arm pits, and just about everywhere. We’re mammals, after all. Still, for so long women have often felt ashamed of the mere fact that they grow hair just about anywhere aside from their heads. The hair on our heads on the other hand should always be coifed and flowing, though, right?

Razor company Billie is out to change that — one amazing ad at a time.

The expectations around where women can and can’t have hair (or where that hair should actually be seen) is endless. Regardless of what we choose to do with body hair that grows on our legs, bikini legs, upper lips, and probably, the long curly one that keeps growing out of our chins, the fact of the matter is: women are hairy, too. We’re covered. And dammit, we shouldn’t have to be ashamed.

We know men shave their faces, minus those with damn good beards (hot). But we don’t talk about women’s facial hair unless we’re say, having an upper lip bleaching party with our moms and sisters (just me that did that? Okay, cool). Thankfully, the conversation about women’s body hair is beginning to evolve. One company is taking notice of the absence of acknowledging women’s facial hair and it’s kind of awesome.

Billie has actually acknowledged women’s pubic hair in the past, but now they’re going another step further to bringing the convo straight to everyone’s mouths — or, their upper lips. They did it in their new ad campaign. Take a look.

They released the ad just ahead of Movember, the popular health initiative that encourages men to let their mustaches grow all month for charity. Billie’s ad campaign encourages women to do the same. Because really, why not? It’s totally a new idea that we haven’t heard much about before. And it’s a pretty good one.

The company opened up about why they believe the move is important. “We’re on a mission to normalize body hair for all women,” the co-founder of Billie, Georgina Gooley, wrote to HuffPost in an email. “Mustaches felt like the perfect next body part because, despite the fact that we all have them, no one talks about them, let alone celebrates them.”

Seriously, though. Why can’t we celebrate hair wherever it grows? Or at the very least, acknowledge that it does grow and women shouldn’t feel obligated to get rid of it. Gooley continued,”We’re hoping to de-stigmatize upper lip hair and empower women to feel confident with having hair there. We’d love it if having a mustache was just as normal for women as it is for men.”

While this is likely just the beginning of seeing companies starting to show women with hair on their faces, it’s a really beautiful and empowering thing to see. Women should be represented as we are, not as everyone wants us to be. We’re allowed to have hair, no matter what we choose to do with it. Wax, shave, pluck, or leave it alone. It’s really up to us.

So, let’s celebrate our hair for now. Movember is practically here.