Your Dog Will Be Eating Better Than You Thanks To This Planet-Friendly Dog Food Brand

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A French Bulldog being fed the Chippin Antioxidant Treats

My dog was my very first “child” — and honestly, I still consider him to be my furry son, even with a (human) daughter who came into the mix a few years later. While I was navigating the right way to feed my daughter as a baby, I realized that I went through similar stages as a dog mom. Obviously, I not only wanted to get him products that he’d eat, but also food that would hit all of his nutritional needs.

While dogs might not be quite as picky as kids, they still have a preference. Who doesn't? That means that there’s often a lot of heartache involved when finding the perfect snack or treat. Nobody wants to spend a boatload of money on something your dog turns their nose up at.

That’s one of the many reasons why Chippin is a company worth looking into. Not only do they offer a bunch of varieties for pups (including crickets!) but they offer them at a reasonable price that dog owners can afford.

However, there’s one big difference between Chippin and other dog food companies out there.

Chippin cares about the environment.

Obviously, we’re all looking for ways to make a difference. Chippin was created by keeping a low carbon footprint in mind. Sorry — I mean, carbon pawprint.

Get it? Chippin is short for “Chip In.”

As in, everyone needs to do their part to chip in and save the environment. Pretty cool.

Instead of using beef and other products that have been linked to higher carbon emissions, Chippin depends on digestible proteins that dogs will still enjoy — remember I mentioned crickets? By using other sources, they’re making a difference and proving that dog food proteins can vary while still being healthy, easy to eat, and delicious for dogs.

They have incredible healthy food and treats for your dog.

The food and treats created by Chippin can even help reduce dog allergies, which often derive from the protein sources that Chippin actively avoids. The company works with veterinarians and is science-based. Long story short, they know what they’re doing. And, they’re doing it well.

Wild-caught silver carp dog food packed with vitamins and minerals

With a brand new recipe coming soon, Chippin relies on fresh silver carp caught in the USA to serve as their main protein for your dog’s dinner. Not going to lie, that sounds... better than some of the dinners I’ve had recently.

Cricket food topper for a healthy gut

Even if you already have a dog food you like, you can always add a little bit of Chippin goodness to the mix. They sell a cricket topper that dogs are going to love. And, guess what? Nothing inside of this package actually resembles a cricket. That means that even if you’re a little squeamish over cricket consumption, you can suspend belief and still feed it to your hungry pup.

Reptile owners just aren’t quite as lucky.

Jerky That Promotes Healthy Skin & Shiney Coat

What dog doesn’t love jerky? These are packed with essential amino acids and omega-3s to keep your dog’s coat healthy and beautiful.

Dog Treats With Antioxidants

Your dog can also celebrate cold and flu season with these antioxidant treats. (Yes, dogs can get colds too.) Did you know that each bag of treats made by Chippin saves over 40 gallons of water? It’s pretty incredible to get a glimpse at the amount of waste other companies can create behind the scenes.

Vegan Dog Treats That Promote Bone & Joint Health

These treats include kale and carrots outside of spirulina. They’re perfect for chomping on, and are also hypoallergenic.

Chippin is also a women-owned business.

You probably didn’t need another reason to support a company like Chippin based on all the good you’ve already heard, but there it is. Their founder was actually listed as a Forbes 30 under 30. As we all know, women know how to get incredible ideas off the ground and running.

And, they also know cute ways to get the word out on the environmental impact many dog food companies make.

By using their own pups throughout the site, they’re showcasing the fact that they’re serious about their message. Dogs don’t openly endorse just anything, you know.

Even if you’re not in the market to check out new food and treats, there are other ways you can support Chippin’s mission.

For one, being more aware of the environmental impacts is a huge step forward. Next time you stop at a pet store, you might second guess some of the options available. Just think about how much of a global impact we’d make if everyone chose other healthy protein sources for their pets.

Secondly, you can also buy some accessories from Chippin that’ll also benefit your favorite furry friend. Like, this awesome shirt that spreads the message.

‘Save the earth it’s the only planet with dogs’ T-shirt

And, this dog food canister that’ll help better store your training treats, so they’re not just in a bag getting stale.

A ‘Pawsitive Vibes’ dog food tin

Or, you could also get a gift card for a friend who may be a new dog owner. It’d be a great way for them to start their pup out on proteins that are planet-friendly.

A gift card for Chippin

It’s up to us to save the planet, and saving the planet is a lot more enjoyable when you do it with your dog by your side.

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