The Perfect Bra Does Not Exist— But I Found The Two Perfect Ones

These bras will support you all day long.

by Scary Mommy Team
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Harper Wilde

As someone who spends way too much screen time on Facebook and Instagram (thank you for the weekly report, Apple), I am proud to say that I’ve done the research on nearly every online bra company that has come across my feed. My search has been primarily focused on finding the mythical “perfect bra” — something that is endlessly soft, buttery, and comfortable for the current days of Working From Couch and something that can be versatile and supportive enough to wear with any outfit and feel amazing from hour 0 to hour 12.

All of my searching led me to two bras that tackle those requirements unlike anything else I’ve worn before.

The Bliss and The Base from Harper Wilde are the ultimate 1-2 punch. Both excel in comfort, support, and provide a true second-skin feeling, but in surprisingly different ways.

The Bliss is the first bralette that I trust to keep my girls (and my back) feeling good all day long. On the surface, the bra is incredibly simple but I’ve found that the genius in The Bliss comes in the details. First of all, it’s made out of the softest material I have ever felt. It’s almost silky (while still being exceptionally breathable) and if I could drape my entire body in The Bliss fabric, I would have my new quarantine outfit. The support from The Bliss also comes from this magical material, which has just-the-right-amount of stretch and keeps everything in its place without everything ending up in a dreaded uni-boob. One last thought, though it’s not explicitly designed for it — I’ve had friends who said it also works great as a maternity or even nursing bra. It doesn’t have any of the nifty nursing clips or features, but it’s stretchy enough to grow with you, especially in a time when comfort is paramount.

Harper Wilde

Carmen Chan

The Base has been the other bra I’ve found myself reaching for, especially in the days I’m out and about and need a T-shirt bra that won’t be see-through. The Base is a more traditional underwire bra, the kind of bra that I’ve been wearing since middle school (boy do I wish I had this bra back in the day). The Base doesn’t reinvent the bra, its beauty is in its simplicity and how well it does exactly what you need it to. In even my sheerest white T-shirts, I can wear this bra without feeling like every person I walk past can see every strap, buckle, or cup edge. It’s also the first bra I’ve owned that doesn’t make me feel like I need to rip it off the second I get home — I think that says a lot. And on top of everything else, The Base has some nifty features that always make me smile and wonder why these weren’t standard a long time ago: front adjusting straps (seriously, who thought it was a good idea to put those things on my back?), a built in j-hook for a quick racerback conversion, and a fabric x-style bridge that allows the bra to fold into itself for easy storage and packing.

Harper Wilde

Carmen Chan

Alright, I know I just wrote a ton about bras — but this stuff is important! They call these things intimates for a reason and if something is touching my skin all day long, I want it to be the most comfortable thing known to womankind. Like everything else made by Harper Wilde, these bras come in 4 different shades of nude and are exceptionally reasonably priced. The Bliss and The Base are $45 and $40 respectively and I think that’s a small price to pay for endless comfort.

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