This Genius App Helps You Find The Right Strain And Closest Dispensary

by Joanna McClanahan
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Mobile app for location

There really is an app for everything these days, including one that helps you find the right marijuana to suit your needs.

Leafly, a website, iOS app, and Android app, is designed to help users 21 and older find dispensaries and delivery options for medical or recreational marijuana (based on state laws). The app has reviews, store hours, specials, and full menus for dispensaries. Think of it as Yelp, but for weed.

The app’s “Explore Strains” option is helpful for finding the best marijuana strain based on price, reviews, and what users want/need it for. From there, cannabis newbies can navigate strains by symptoms they wish to treat. Some of their general categories include “Crush Anxiety,” “Curb Depression,” “Manage Migraines,” “Stay Productive,” “Get Active,” and “Sleep Well.”

Sounds good to me!

Users can also sort by the traditional sativa (invigorating strains), indica (relaxing strains), or hybrid (a fairly even mix of the two). How I personally remember this is “Indica = InDaCouch.” You’re welcome.

There is also an advanced search option that allows users to sort by flavor, medical usage, and desired and undesired effects. For example, you can include selections such as “Creative,” “Euphoric,” “Giddy,” “Focused,” “Talkative,” and “Relaxed.” Then you can exclude other effects such as “Anxious,” “Dizzy,” “Paranoid,” “Dry Mouth,” “Hungry,” or “Sleepy.”

Once you’ve selected a strain, you can learn more about it on its information page. There it will give you a breakdown of the strain’s history, as well as more detailed information regarding things like flavor, positive/negative effects, and and possible medical uses. From the strain’s info page, you can then select “Nearby” to find the closest dispensary that sells that strain, or “Reviews” to see what other users have to say about it.

Already have some marijuana, but you’re not sure what strain it is? Turns out Leafly can help with that too. Users can now upload pictures to the Marijuana Analysis Recognition Interpreter (MARI for short. Get it?) and Leafly will analyze its composition and determine its cannabis strain.

The app’s “Products” section can help users find more information regarding things like edibles, concentrates, dabbing, topicals, and vaping. And those categories can be searched by subcategory, so if you’re looking for something specific, such as chocolate, the Leafly app makes it easy to find, price, and learn everything you’d want to know about it.

There’s even a “News” section of the app that has a variety of cannabis-related articles that cover everything from current legalization legislation efforts to “7 Mandatory Toronto Food Experiences for High Folks.” Its “Find a Clinic” option might be helpful for those looking to get authorized for medical marijuana use in their state.

This app is truly a one-stop shop that has more information about marijuana than you even knew you needed. As legalized recreational use is becoming more common, the stigma surrounding marijuana use is finally starting to change.

The marijuana business is budding and blooming in states across the country, and Leafly is here to help you learn more about it and answer your questions, so you can find the right strain for you.

What a time to be alive.

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