From The Confessional: Post-Divorce Parenthood

What 16 parents really think about post-divorce parenthood.

by Emma Coburn
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Whether you’re navigating co-parenting with your ex, building a blended family, or doing both, post-divorce parenthood has its own particular set of challenges, milestones, and wins. From sharing custody with an ex-spouse they still consider toxic to finding relief during their days or weeks “off,” here are 16 parents’ confessions about the highs and lows.

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My relationship with my stepdaughter will never be the same after she stopped visiting

Confessional #5903582

On my days with my son (divorced)he cries for his dad. It hurts my heart and I resent him

Confessional #4903815

Being a single mom is easier than being married to a man child

Confessional #64589389

Feeling resentful towards my stepson- he’s so mean to my daughter!

Confessional #32494214

Ex and I split kids & dogs 7 days on and 7 days off, I ❤️​ my kids, but also ❤️ having a gd break.

Confessional #98538211

I’m glad my ex is failing as a parent even with our son being 25

Confessional #5903492

I love being separate, I live next door to my ex, we both see our kids everyday but get solo time!

Confessional #1893548

50/50 custody & I’m glad I get a break from the kids. They were a$$holes last week.

Confessional #6589458

Trying so hard to be civil with my coparent but he is making it beyond hard

Confessional #7734391

I wish my 25 yr old step-son would finally move out of my basement.

Confessional #2389438

I hate my bonus kids mom. She treats me like crap.

Confessional #8549585

My ex is so toxic, coparenting is so hard.

Confessional #45305929

Coparenting after divorce feels like the trauma of being married to that guy over and over.

Confessional #24095342

My ex pays little child support. I not only do everything but pay for everything as well.

Confessional #76538544

I look forward to when my kids go to their dads.

Confessional #43490313

Blending families is so much harder that I imagined. Some days I only want MY kids

Confessional #4903591

H's ex-wife is awesome! Always flexible with the parenting schedule, is willing to take Step DD6, DD4, and my DS 10mo to give me a break, PLUS is a good listening ear. Not sure why he divorced her. Starting to realize it's my H who is a total a**hole.

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