From The Confessional: How You Really Feel About The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... for some people

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

It starts slow, with a glimpse of Halloween display at the supermarket and a few targeted Insta ads for kids’ costumes... then before you know it, you’re hanging up your in-laws’ coats and miscalculating the defrosting time for that Thanksgiving turkey. Yep, it’s all happening. As the holiday season gets into full swing, here are 22 anonymous confessions about all that cooking, cleaning, gifting, and family time. Spoiler alert: not everyone’s feeling super festive.

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I am a holiday Grinch. It all falls on mom and I am exhausted.

Confessional #85849583

Already worried about family members judging my child’s behavior- I can only do so much

Confessional #85984564

Thanksgiving seems like so much work for a meal with all the cleaning and cooking.

Confessional #4935893

I order Boston market pre-made meal kit... and pretend I made the corn bread 😬

Confessional #49534231

I miss the deep pandemic when we didn’t travel or host. It was just our family.

Confessional #8594852

Traveling and splitting time between divorced parents is exhausting and I hate doing it

Confessional #54579341

I’m sad the fear of RSV and the flu are keeping us from family thanksgiving. We have newborn

Confessional #49035341

I don’t trust my in laws to be safe and healthy this holiday. We have a newborn

Confessional #53430923

I hate going to my kids Christmas concerts. It’s f*cking torture!

Confessional #58058931

Hating getting gifts that we don’t want or need after providing a “need” list to family!

Confessional #5903489

My kids have been awful for the majority of this year and I don’t want to give them presents

Confessional #32309412

I don’t care if my kid only eats bread and butter. No fighting over holiday meals!!

Confessional #20893513

I kinda liked COVID holidays where I didn’t have to leave my house or see anyone.

Confessional #5905943

I hide my MIL cooking utensils every Thanksgiving. Its entertaining

Confessional #59039423

I don’t want anyone over for the holidays

Confessional #6694059

would rather be on a trip than hosting thanksgiving

Confessional #43904912

My husband ruins every single holiday. I resent him.

Confessional #59035314

I am working & HATE how people think nobody works thur-sun 🤬 🤬 🤬 

Confessional #44483904

I hate my racist cousins but my mom insists I play nice .

Confessional #9953431

I DREAD going to my inlaws for the holidays and my husband doesn’t care. I do it for my kids.

Confessional #2498539

I have to work (RN) thankful I don’t have to go to my in-laws for dinner

Confessional #98132334

I already feel like Scrooge!

Confessional #49039539