holiday cheer?!

'I Only Want To Buy Presents For Myself'

17 parents share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn

December is here, and with it the reminder that all that holiday family time can bring... lots of extra stress. Whether it’s your in-laws, extended family members, or your partner, there’s a good chance someone in your life is causing you frustration right about now. Read on for what other parents had to share on that very topic — plus confessions about music lessons, teenage years, and more.

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I would rather be alone than with my 5 kids and husband.

Confessional #71826456

Tired of having to always be the glue for my entire family. I need a break

Confessional #73343627

I hate the holidays but feel obligated to make them special for the kids

Confessional #73226452

My husband is the cause of most of my stress and anxiety.

Confessional #78384758

I HATE that my daughter is doing an instrument this year, it’s like pulling teeth to get her to practice.

Confessional #76926475

Thankful for in laws help but also stop parenting my son

Confessional #73829387

I wish people would stop buying so much stuff for my toddler

Confessional #78202938

I said no to hosting Thanksgiving for my sanity & it was the best decision ever.

Confessional #78935462

My happiness comes from sleep & books lately.

Confessional #71029847

Being the sole rememberer for everyone sucks, my husband wonders why I forget his sh*t

Confessional #71092857

Terrified of what the teen years are going to bring. Wish the innocence lasted longer..

Confessional #71291938

I know my husband cheated on me but I can’t afford to move alone with both my kids

Confessional #71909287

Some days I think my husband and I are only married out of convenience

Confessional #75203948

I feel like my kids aren’t learning anything good from me

Confessional #78120498

I think the fillers my friend got look awful

Confessional #71872636

I love Christmas, but LOATHE spending time with my in-laws..

Confessional #71829465

I only want to buy presents for myself

Confessional #71828283