From The Confessional: 'I Regret Getting Married'

12 parents anonymously share what’s really on their minds

by Emma Coburn

Here we are, in the second half of August... that hazy, faintly menacing time at the end of summer when you’re getting back into old routines, noticing the creep of Halloween candy back into stores and wondering where the time since Memorial Day disappeared to. (Just us?) This week’s Scary Mommy Confessional roundup runs the gamut from relationship revelations to everyday annoyances such as making dinner and spending hard-earned money on stuff your kids don’t even seem to appreciate. Read on for what 12 readers had to share.

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I regret getting married

Confessional #81726712

It amuses my young and childless workers to no end when I exclaim "Sugarnuts!" or "Fudge!" instead of "sh*t" or "f*ck" when I'm pissed. Laugh all you want, youngsters, but you'll start self-censoring too when you have kids.

Confessional #89283748

32nd wedding anniversary yesterday. Not sure whether that longevity makes me a role model or a fool.

Confessional #81772809

Last year I answered trick or treaters at the door while wearing a sign saying "IRS Agent". It confused the kids but scared the f*ck out of their parents.

Confessional #89829094

I hate making dinner. It the most frustrating thing all week

Confessional #81729303

Part of the reason i haven’t asked for a divorce is because I’m afraid to date again

Confessional #89928172

SIL blames me for her divorce (5yrs ago). I did ABSOLUTELY nothing but watch & listen.

Confessional #81779872

I’m only staying married for the sake of my child.

Confessional #89920921

I took a new job and I am so terrified it is consuming me

Confessional #81009265

My sex life is so boring. I’m very attracted to my bf but he’s not as into sex and sexy things as I am. I’m so unsatisfied most of the time but I still want him!

Confessional #81920992

My oldest son likes his in laws better than us and it really hurts.

Confessional #81729912

So glad I just spent my rare free afternoon and what little extra money I had buying shoes and clothes for the kids only for them to whine when I got home and asked them to try it all on. I miss free time and extra money I could spend on me and a body that wasn't wrecked by having kids.

Confessional #81928817