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From The Confessional: ‘I Hate Pretend Play. So Much.’

Playing with kids... it’s not for everyone.

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Perhaps before having your first child, you envisioned long afternoons whiled away at the park, tea parties in the backyard, hours spent playing with Legos, or family game nights that didn’t end in tear-tantrums the neighbors could hear from across the street. And maybe that’s your reality now — in which case, congrats! On the other hand, maybe in the intervening years, you’ve discovered that you actually really hate pretend play, toys, and going to the playground. In which case, you’ve found your tribe in the people who submitted these anonymous confessions.

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I hate playing toys with my kid. Hate it. Will come up with 1000 reasons why I can’t.

Confessional #9580391

I hate the park

Confessional #4905922

I love my two kids, but I hate playing with them (like Barbies or cars). I feel guilty

Confessional #9994321

I hate pretend play. So much. I encourage my kids to do it but I hate it when they ask me to join in

Confessional #5794580

If I hear, “Mommy can you play with me?” 1 more time... I’m going to scream!

Confessional #49053914

I sometimes avoid spending time with my kids. 😔​

Confessional #3509835

I get tired of playing Barbie dolls with my daughter, she’ll want to play for hours

Confessional #53848196

I do not feel it’s my job to entertain my kids during the summer

Confessional #29409431

I don’t let my kids win at games

Confessional #4905931

I don’t do imagination play with my kids. I despise it!

Confessional #5489348

I hate playing imaginary games with my child. It’s so exhausting.

Confessional #6489094

I hate playing on the floor with my kids, why can’t I just sit on the couch 🤣​

Confessional #5092312