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From The Confessional: ‘I’m So Sick And Tired Of Doing Everything’

Moms get real about the total chaos that is parenting.

by Emma Coburn
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Parenthood has magical moments, parenthood has sweet moments ... and parenthood also has moments that are totally and completely overwhelming. Between work, school, activities, endless sickness, general logistics, sleep schedules, and seemingly 8,000 meals and snacks a day, sometimes it just feels like there’s no way it’s all gonna get done. These 15 people shared their anonymous thoughts on the subject with the Scary Mommy confessional.

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I am so exhausted making all the decisions and keeping everything on track!

Confessional #23909494

Sometimes I feel like I’m the mom I never wanted to be just because I’m overwhelmed

Confessional #29281283

I’m always afraid I’m a bad Mom. Always.

Confessional #94839483

Just want to hide in my bed! Too tired btn work and the emotional load of raising 3 kids

Confessional #67884493

I feel like sh*t and I wish my (also sick) husband could handle our toddler by himself.

Confessional #25467764

I’m so overwhelmed I want to cry.

Confessional #21289301

I’m so sick and tired of doing everything.

Confessional #12288829

I need a day of silence, no housework/parenting, and doing what I want.

Confessional #23877645

2 yr old has been crying for EVERYTHING lately & it’s driving me insane

Confessional #36748894

I hate feeling like I’m parenting alone and totally resent my spouse

Confessional #81929938

I don’t want to cook dinner anymore

Confessional #45536473

I feel like no one in the house appreciates the invisible labor of keeping the house running.

Confessional #19987627

It’s a pain cooking dinner every night when my kids won’t eat the food I make anyways

Confessional #17654938

The laundry and cleaning never stops!!

Confessional #47539473

Husband wants a date night, I want a night to myself to eat a ton of ice cream

Confessional #56478859

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